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New York, USA

American drummer Nia Lovelis is a professional. She is the band’s drummer. Hey Violet is a pop rock band. The band formerly went under the moniker “Cherri Bomb” in 2008, changed it in 2015, and also switched from hard rock and alt-rock to pop, pop punk, pop rock, and electro pop. ‘This Is the End of Control’ (2012) and ‘From the Outside’ (2017) are the band’s two studio albums; three EPs have also been released. She also serves as a host on the music channel. She has toured with the Smashing Pumpkins and opened for bands including “Chelsea Girls,” “Camp Freddie,” and “Filter at the Roxy” with her band. On their second European tour, which they embarked on in 2011, they performed at some of the biggest festivals, including Reading and Leeds, Oxegen, T in the Park, Highfield and Lowlands, Rock en Seine, and Sonisphere. She had the chance to perform as the ‘Foo Fighters’ opening act in Cologne, Germany, one of her favorite musical acts. Hey, Violet is a member of the label “Hi or Hey Records,” which was established by the band “5 Seconds of Summer,” whom they toured with on the “Rock Out with Your Socks Out” and “Sounds Live Feels Live” tours.

Early Childhood & Life

Nia Lovelis was reared in the Orangetown neighborhood after giving birth as Szatania Angelika Morze Enea on January 1, 1997, at the Pearl River Hilton Hotel in Pearl River, New York. She was born into a creative family; her father developed recording studios and her mother, Ana Lovelis (formerly Stacy Morze), is an actress and musician who was the main singer/songwriter of the alt-rock band “Doxy.” Additionally, lots of musicians frequented their homes. She and her younger sister Rena Lovelis became interested in music at a young age. After her parents took her horseback riding, where the sound and feel of the rhythm were ingrained in her mind, she developed an interest in playing the drums.

The Epic Ascent to Stardom

Nia Lovelis began honing her skills on a set of Roland V-Drums that her parents had put up in the garage when she was about seven or eight years old. She enrolled in lessons and a band camp to improve her abilities even more. She found that experience to be really gloomy, and it encouraged her to start her own “real band.” In order to improve herself as a performer, she was also interested in competing against other children of the same age. As a result, at the young age of eleven, she answered a need for a teenage drummer. She visited a practice space in The Valley, where she performed with a group of other exceptionally gifted women. They founded the all-girl hard rock band “Cherri Bomb” in 2008 while still in middle school, which included Julia Pierce and Miranda Miller in addition to her and her sister Rena. The two sisters have been band members since the beginning, despite roster changes throughout the years. Nine singles, nine music videos, two studio albums, three extended plays, and the well-known band have all been released thus far.

Challenges of Nia Lovelis

Her early professional start has also had its drawbacks. Drummer Nia Lovelis was a young, naive woman who had no idea how physically demanding her hobby might be. She also didn’t understand the nuances of how to set up her equipment correctly, hold her sticks to lessen the strain on her body, etc. She complained to Samantha Maloney, their manager and the band’s celebrity female drummer, who moved her toms, cymbals, and seat, taught her stick control and handling, and stressed the value of warming up. Sheila E., Josh Freese, Ilan Rubin, Stewart Copeland, Taylor Hawkins, John Bonham, Terry Bozzio, Bernard Purdie, and Sheila E. were some of the drummers she looked up to for tips. They were initially advised that no one would care about barely teenage females playing rock music, she relates. However, she claims that their ability to succeed is a result of working hard to dream and more harder to practice.

Enjoy Life of Nia Lovelis

Numerous musicians have a romantic history with Nia Lovelis. She was seeing False Puppet’s professional drummer Brennan Benko, who is also in a relationship. They dated for a very long period before splitting up a few years ago. Calum Hood, a bassist, and singer, has been the subject of dating rumors since 2015. The media has frequently seen the couple together.

Estimated net worth

The estimated net worth of Nia Lovelis is about $1 million.


She is known to have at least six tattoos on her body, including a butterfly on her upper back, the vishuddha chakra on her forearm, and writing on her biceps, wrist, and two sides.