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American singer and actress Nia Peeples was born Virenia Gwendolyn Peeples. She is well-known for playing Pam Fields on the drama “Pretty Little Liars” and Nicole Chapman on the television show “Fame.” She is also known for her roles as Sydney Cooke and Karen Taylor on the television shows The Young and the Restless and Walker, Texas Ranger, respectively. Tales of the Gold Monkey, Hardcastle and McCormick, T.J. Hooker, Matlock, Highlander: The Series, Marker, Andromeda, and Longmire are just a few of the TV shows in which Peeples has appeared as a guest star. She has appeared in films including “North Shore,” “DeepStar Six,” “Blues Brothers 2000,” “Poodle Springs,” “Alpha Mom,” and “Sub Zero” on the big screen. The albums “Nothin’ But Trouble,” “Nia Peeples,” and “Songs of the Cinema” were all issued by Peeples as a singer. The American beauty is considered to be a wonderful person in real life. She appeared as a mentor at the second annual Hatch audiovisual festival. She is quite active on Twitter, Instagram, MySpace, and Facebook since she loves social media.

Working in music

The Young Americans were the performance ensemble where Nia Peeples began her musical career. She released the album “Nothin’ But Trouble” in 1988, and the song “Trouble” peaked at No. 35 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. She then issued the album “Nia Peeples” as a result. The song “Street Of Dreams” from the album became a great hit. Then, in 2007, she released her CD, “Songs of the Cinema.”

Career in Acting

Nia Peeples made her acting debut in the 1981 television film “A Single Light,” where she played a deaf kid. In 1983, she went on to star in the drama “General Hospital.” She was chosen to play Nicole Chapman in the television show “Fame” that same year. She acted in the movie “North Shore” after this. The actress appeared in both the TV movie “Nasty Boys” and the movie “DeepStar Six” in 1989. She appeared in the miniseries “Return to Lonesome Dove” four years later.

In 1995, she portrayed Dr. Elizabeth English in the Mr. Stitch television movie. Peeples then played Sydney Cooke in the drama series “Walker, Texas Ranger” after making appearances in the TV movies “Odd Jobs” and “Tower of Terror” She worked on the movie “Half Past Dead” in 2002. She made guest appearances in the dramas “The Division” and “Andromeda” two years later.

Then, in the television film “Alpha Mom,” Susan was portrayed by an American actress 2006. She joined the cast of “The Young and the Restless” the following year. She played Pam Fields from 2010 to 2017 on the popular series “Pretty Little Liars.” Peeples also worked on a lot of TV movies at this time.

Nia’s Individual Life

Elizabeth Joan and Robert Eugene Peeples welcomed Nia Peeples into the world on December 10, 1961, as Virenia Gwendolyn Peeples in Hollywood, California, in the United States. Paula and Cynthia are her sisters. After graduating from West Covina High School, she went on to UCLA.

In terms of her romantic history, Peeples has been married four times as of late. She got married for the first time to actor Guy Ecker. The stunning woman later divorced him and wed singer-songwriter, Howard Hewett. Her third and fourth marriages to Lauro Chartrand and Sam George, respectively, also ended in divorce. Peeples, who is currently single, has two children: Sienna and Christopher.

Estimated Net Worth

American singer, actress, and dancer Nia Peeples have a $3 million net worth. On December 10, 1961, Nia Peeples was born in Hollywood, California.

Nia’s roots in German, French, Spanish, Scottish, Italian, and Filipino cultures are responsible for her unique attractive looks. Nia traveled to Las Vegas after completing UCLA on a music scholarship and securing a position as one of Liberace’s opening acts.