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From 2003 to 2008, Nicanor Duarte served as President of Paraguay. He was heavily impacted by politics from a young age, having been born into a politically active family (his parents were members of the Colorado Party (ANR-PC)). He began involved with the party when he was 14 years old, while still in high school, and worked as a journalist for several years following graduation. He went on to receive a law degree, a doctorate, and a postgraduate degree in political science after that. Following that, he became a member of the Colorado Party and was appointed Minister of Education and Culture in the newly established government in 1993. He resigned from his job in the ministry after a few years due to a political scandal, but then returned to serve as the party’s president. In 2002, the party nominated him as a presidential candidate, and he won the election with the help of numerous political parties and independent groups, becoming the 11th ANR-PC candidate to be elected President of Paraguay. He resigned from his position after five years to run for Senator in a popular election. His choice sparked debate among party members, and he was eventually appointed as a non-voting Senator for life, a position he still retains.

Childhood and Adolescence

Nicanor Duarte was born on October 11, 1956, in the Paraguayan town of Coronel Oviedo, in the Caaguaz region. His parents were Colorado Party members. He was raised during the Alfredo Stroessner government, and at the age of 14, he joined the Colorado Party while attending high school in Coronel Oviedo.

He earned his bachelor’s degree in Sciences and Letters in 1974. He then worked as a sports writer, radio host, and columnist for a while, covering both social and political concerns. In 1984, he graduated from the Catholic University of Asuncion with a law degree, and in 1989, he received a doctorate from the National University of Asuncion.
He graduated from the National University and Hans Seidel Foundation with a postgraduate degree in Political Science in 1992.

Career of Nicanor Duarte

Nicanor Duarte intensified his political efforts in 1992, after finishing a master’s degree in political science, and joined the Colorado Party. When Juan Carlos Wasmosy became President of Paraguay in August 1993, he named Nicanor Duarte to his cabinet as Minister of Education and Culture.

Nicanor Duarte resigned from his office in February 1997 after a political scandal caused him to abandon the ruling party. Following that, he joined the Reconciliacion Colorada Movement (MRC). He joined the ruling Colorado Party (ANR-PC) in January 2001 and was nominated as the party’s presidential candidate on December 22, 2002.

He had a thorough understanding of the political situation and had opted to break away from Colorado traditionalism. He underlined the importance of showcasing the best aspects of the party’s political profiles in order to acquire citizens’ trust and support.

He was able to secure the backing of ADR (Democratic Republican Action) and former President Wasmosy. He also managed to enlist the support of the MRC’s more conservative members, as well as several opposition groups. After quitting as Paraguay’s Minister of Education and Culture, Duarte began his electoral campaign. He was deemed a favorite for the presidential elections of 2003 after winning a majority in the party’s primaries.

On April 27, 2003, he was declared the unambiguous winner in the General Elections, as anticipated by the preliminary polls. He was elected President of Paraguay for the 11th time in a row as a member of the ANR-PC political party. Nicanor Duarte was elected President of Paraguay on August 15, 2003. He promised to investigate the corruption issues and to work to save the country from defaulting on its past debt. He presented his resignation to the President on June 23, 2008, with the intention of running for Senator by popular vote.

Members of the Paraguayan Congress rejected his resignation, and they boycotted the extraordinary session summoned to discuss it. As a result, Duarte was forced to serve until August 15, 2008, and was unable to seek re-election as a senator, instead serving as a non-voting senator for the rest of his life as a former president.
He was nominated Ambassador of Paraguay to the Republic of Argentina in October 2013.

Major Projects of Nicanor Duarte

Nicanor Duarte’s views were anti-free trade and he reached out to regional Latin American countries with left-leaning administrations throughout his presidency.

Personal History and Legacy

Nicanor Duarte is married to Mara Gloria Penayo Solaeche, and they have six children together.

Estimated Net Worth

Nicanor Duarte is one of the wealthiest politicians and one of the most popular. Nicanor Duarte’s net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million, according to Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider.