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Columbus, Ohio
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Columbus, Ohio

Nick Horton has over 700K followers on the app as a result of his popularity on TikTok. He’s quite well-liked thanks to his odd videos and adorable appearance. He injects enormous fun into all of his work, but notably on TikTok where he is unafraid to utilize props, wear wigs, and use horrifying makeup. His fan base is expanding every day; as a result, he currently has 347K followers on Instagram, 225K followers on YouNow, and 55K followers on Twitter. Nick Horton prefers the peculiar approach. Millions of people have watched his videos. Nick will confuse you with his bizarre performances while simultaneously posting beautiful and alluring photos to Instagram. But as long as we get to see more of him, we won’t moan!

The Epic Ascent to Stardom

For Nick, 2015 has undoubtedly been a lucky year. He signed up for YouNow and TikTok, and his videos quickly became popular. Soon, he was so well-liked by the public that YouTube video requests started to come in.

He started to receive the same followers on Instagram. Due to his amusing facial expressions and sense of humor, he also has a Vine account, which has about 400 followers. But there’s nothing to stop us from speculating that his Vine account will soon attract a lot of attention as well.

Why Nick Horton Is So Unique?

There are several qualities that make him unique, including his capacity for producing excellent content, his attractiveness, his charm, and his expressive humor. Even a meme of Nick himself makes you laugh. His capacity to find humor in any circumstance, including “riding a horse,” “hiding behind his television,” and other scenarios, is noteworthy.

His “straight face” is quite funny in and of itself. He regularly updates his followers with photos of himself, usually in bizarre settings, in which he appears quite gorgeous, and we’re not joking! On his Instagram photos, young females have left comments like “date me” and “you’re so cute.”

Nick’s Past Fame

Apart from his TikTok and YouTube videos, Nick Horton is not well-known. He does, however, share numerous movies with his buddies. He appears to be having a blast hanging out with them. You can see how closely he is connected to his buddies in his videos.

When he’s not uploading videos or making comedic lip-syncs, he makes memes. Since he is in school, he tweets frequently about having to do his homework. What a diligent young man! He manages several social media profiles while juggling duties. He has a sense of humor, too; he recently said on Facebook, “A teacher becomes my favorite when they don’t give work,” and nobody can argue with him on that point!

Behind The Scenes

Nick was raised in Columbus, Ohio, which is where he was born in the United States. He is a student right now, and he has posted photos of himself fearing “mundane Mondays.” Although we don’t know much about his family, it is clear from his tweets that he adores his mother: “Happy Birthday Mom, I love you so much, if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be here,” he recently said.

What a sweet message! It doesn’t appear that Nick is dating anyone. He lists himself as single on social media, but considering how many young women adore him and express their want to date him, one may ask what is holding him from dating. He may be content with making funny videos or he may be waiting for the right one to come along. Whatever it is, Nick Horton is unquestionably hitting the right notes!

Estimated Net Worth

Nick is one of the wealthiest TikTok stars and is among the most well-known stars. Nick Horton has a net worth of $5 million, per our analysis of data from sources including Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider.


Nick Horton is arachnophobic! He once wrote on Twitter, “I just seen a spider, I want to scream in 70 different languages now.”