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Brazilian social media personality Nicole Corrales. She appears in the vlogs produced by her boyfriend’s channel, their family channel, and her own personal YouTube channel. Nicole’s YouTube channel largely features videos about fashion and beauty. She and her partner can be seen in family vlogs on her channel. She enjoys a sizable following on Twitter and Instagram. Harlow is the name of Nicole’s daughter with her boyfriend.

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Fame on social media

In March 2011, Nicole started her work in social media. She initially signed up for Twitter before switching to Instagram. The majority of Nicole’s entries are on fashion and beauty. While she currently has about 217 thousand followers on Instagram, she only has slightly more than 73 thousand followers on Twitter. After winning over tens of thousands of followers on Instagram and Twitter, Nicole started vlogging on YouTube, where she maintains a channel called “KeepingUpWithNicole.”

Nicole frequently publishes vlogs, hauls, skin-care lessons, and other content on her channel. What I Got for My Birthday in 2017, Boyfriend Does My Voiceover, and What’s in My Baby’s Hospital Bag are some of her most popular YouTube videos. Currently, the channel has more than 123 thousand members. Nicole co-manages the “YouTuber” channel “Nasey Family” with Casey Barker, a well-known personality. Their daughter Harlow receives sole attention on their channel. Nicole has produced a number of videos for this channel about parenthood, early pregnancy, and healthcare. In many of her videos, she has also talked about her life as a Brazilian residing in England. Additionally, Nicole and Casey provide storytimes, tag videos, and travel journals. More than 260 000 people are current subscribers to the service. Nicole also frequently appears on Casey Barker’s own YouTube channel, which has more than 243 thousand subscribers. Additionally, she has a clothes business with an online store.

Nicole made a fleeting appearance as “Chica Carro 3” in the 2016 action-adventure movie “El Paletero.”

Individual Life of Nicole Corrales

On October 6, 1997, Nicole Teixeira Corrales was born in So Paulo, Brazil. Dr. Fredy Corrales is the person who raised her biologically. Claudia Teixeira Yazbek, her mother, is a lawyer. Danii Corrales and Luiza Teixeira Corrales are Nicole’s younger sisters. Also, Nicole has a stepfather. Brazilian, Portuguese, Italian, and Persian ancestry are all present in Nicole’s mixed-race background. She resides in Brighton, England, at the moment.

Nicole earned her degree from the “International Study Centre” of the “University of Sussex” with a focus on life sciences and psychology.

The 2014 summer was the first time Nicole had ever met Casey. Nicole left Casey after a month and returned to Brazil. They remained in a long-distance romance for the following 18 months. Then Nicole moved formally to the UK. Harlow Barker, who was born on August 8, 2017, in England, has made them proud parents. Nicole is a young mother, just like her mother.

Red and gold are Nicole’s preferred hues. She really likes Japanese food.

Nicole Corrales’s Net Worth

Nicole is among the wealthiest Instagram stars and is among the most well-known. Nicole Corrales has a net worth of $5 million, per our analysis of data from sources including Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider.