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Nicole Skyes is a well-known YouTuber who shares strange and humorous makeup tips and tricks on her own channel. She is also well-known for sharing a number of makeup tutorials on YouTube with the subject “Beauty Hack or Wack?” Unlike other makeup artists, Nicole is skilled at using her talents to create the illusion of something. Thousands of people have liked her films on Halloween makeup, cracked doll face makeup, and 3D art makeup. In addition to makeup-related videos, she shares DIY projects, beauty tips, and internet challenges. The challenge video “Hundred Layers of Everything Challenge” is her most well-known to date. In order to host chats, vlogs, and story time videos, Nicole started a second YouTube channel called “Nicole Skyes VLOGS.” Nicole and Jay, her longtime partner, get engaged. They have shared numerous videos together on Nicole’s channel. She has numerous pets in her home because she loves animals.

YouTube Career of Nicole Skyes

Although Nicole began her first YouTube channel in 2007, she didn’t begin uploading videos until 2015. She has uploaded almost 220 videos since then. Her videos mostly focus on makeup tips and tricks. She also uploads videos of herself doing doodling projects, her sister, her boyfriend, and her dogs.

Nicole’s debut video on her channel was her getting her first piercing. Under the heading “Getting my vertical labret pierced,” the video was posted. If you want to dress up for a party or for your regular responsibilities, Nicole’s makeup tips aren’t the best choice. Her makeup tutorials are designed to achieve specific looks and are frequently themed. “Pop Art Zombie Makeup Tutorial” and “Easy Cracked Doll Makeup Tutorial” are two of her well-known makeup tutorials.

Nicole uploaded her video, “Contouring makeup with tape,” in response to her fans’ requests that she walk them through the basics of contouring cosmetics. She developed a method in the video that made even the most difficult task seem easy. In another video she shared, she demonstrated to her audience how to apply flawless winged eyeliner using a straightforward approach.

Nicole enjoys playing around with her hair and getting her hair colored. She produced a ton of films on natural hair color techniques and hair care regimens. Nicole was glad to comply with her followers’ requests to release videos showing them how to acquire lips similar to those of Kylie Jenner.

Nicole enjoys experimenting with color as an artist. Her face is her canvas, and beauty products are her colors—unlike professional painters. She even produced a movie in which she expertly crafted a 3D spider that resembled a real one.

Nicole will stop at nothing to keep her fans entertained in her challenge videos. “Hundred Layers of Everything,” one of her most well-known challenge videos, included her applying a hundred applications of mascara, liquid lipstick, and foundation. There were three in the series, and they were all very well received. She then worked with another well-known YouTube channel, “PrankInvasion,” on the video “Cotton Ball Challenge.”

Nicole Skyes ‘s Tale Time

Nicole Skyes Vlogs is her other YouTube channel where she shares her vlogs, Q&As, conversations, and Story Time videos. She talked about being physically abused by a homeless man when she was just 14 years old in one of her Story Time films. She even uploaded a video of herself spending the whole day with her stepmother and half-sister. Given that she had not seen them in eleven years, the video was especially meaningful!

Nicole and Jay

Nicole, who lived with her long-term partner Jay for six arduous years, just became engaged to him. Nicole’s videos feature the pair on numerous occasions. She discussed her love tale in one of these videos, “Boyfriend Tag.”

2010 saw Nicole and Jay meet at a concert, at which point they began dating. Jay ran a clothing store, and Nicole ultimately started shopping with him frequently. Jay was inspired to initiate contact as they had a cordial relationship. They discovered they had a lot of same interests as soon as they started dating. Nicole shared a story about her first date on her Instagram page. They lived together for years before becoming engaged in 2011.

Individual Life of Nicole Skyes

On January 27, 1993, Nicole was born in the US. Nicole’s parents separated when she was not even a year old. She has a half-sister from the second marriage her father had. Nicole had a difficult upbringing. She had no one to talk to, so it was difficult for her to even express her sentiments. This is the reason she decided to speak her guts out on YouTube. She moved to San Francisco, California, in 2015. She relocated to Florida in 2017 from California.

Net worth of Nicole Skyes

The estimated net worth of Nicole Skyes is about $1 million.