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Canvey Island, Essex

Niki Albon, a British YouTuber and radio host, is best known as Sammy Albon’s twin brother and one-half of the YouTube duo “NikiNSammy.” They began their YouTube experience in 2013 after graduating from college by uploading humorous videos to their shared channel. They joined Rylan Clark on “Big Brother’s Bit on the Side” in July 2015 and went behind the scenes at “Big Brother UK” for social media material. They hosted the 12-hour livestream in October 2015 for Cancer Research UK’s “Stand Up To Cancer” campaign, which aimed to raise money for cancer treatment and research. They were requested to host Wembley Arena twice in one day for a combined audience of 25,000 people within a short period of time. Later, they hosted “Internet Takeover” for BBC Radio 1 and contributed to “The Voice UK’s” social reporting. They later returned to serve as Caspar Lee’s co-social hosts for the “BRIT Awards.” In January 2017, they were featured on the cover of “TenEighty” Magazine. They frequently go to gatherings like VidCon, ITAtube, VlogIT, and Playlist Live to interact with their global followers. The two are fine with being regarded as a humorous duo even if they have previously thought of forging their individual identities.

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Become a Star

On June 29, 2011, Niki Albon, the first of the twins, joined YouTube and started the channel “theNIKIPOD.” On May 27, 2013, he nonetheless established a combined channel with Sammy called “NikiNSammy,” and on June 13, 2013, they published their inaugural video. They started releasing funny movies of all kinds, but in the middle of 2014, they shared two videos showing their dramatic weight loss of a combined 16 stone.

This helped them gain notoriety. The two brothers, Niki and Sammy, once weighed 18th and 21st 2lb, respectively, due to their love of food. But after they started college, they stopped eating fast food and started making healthy meals for themselves. Niki was down to 11st 6lb after an 18-month battle, while Sammy weighed 12th 6lb. Their open admission of their low self-esteem as a result of being overweight and their inspiring weight-loss journey gained them over 40k fans online.

They ran their own program on BBC Radio 1 as a part of the “Internet Takeover” event in 2015. Fans of the twin dynamic combo helped disseminate the word of their success on numerous social media sites. YouTube soon began promoting the channel on its list of “channels to watch.”

They then appeared in the YouTube-commissioned documentary “The Creators,” which was directed by Oscar-nominated American director Nanette Burstein, with well-known YouTube stars including Zoella (Zoe Sugg) and Tomska (Thomas Ridgewell). They had to quit their part-time jobs at the end of 2015 since they had amassed 100k subscribers and needed to devote all of their time to YouTube. They currently count 198k devoted fans among their ranks.

A Teaching Experience

Niki Albon and his brother Sammy took part in an episode of the Sky One program “OAP Internet Virgins” in September 2015 when they had accumulated 135k subscribers. In order to discover how two generations might “help each other connect with a life beyond their own,” the show pairs youthful online stars with elderly people who are unaware of the wealth of benefits the internet can provide.

They stayed with George Penfield for a few weeks; he was an 84-year-old creative man who had to quit his singing group, “Nostalgic,” to be with his ailing wife, to whom he had been married for 64 years. The twins taught him how to navigate the internet so that he may save time by shopping online and, as a result, occasionally rejoin his band.

He had been learning to cook by using Google to discover recipes, but that was pretty much all he could do online. In exchange, the happy elderly man taught them how to embrace challenges and live life to the fullest.

After meeting George, the two were intrigued to learn what technology was like before they were born. They then recorded themselves playing vintage 8-bit games on a 30-year-old Acorn Electron computer.

Niki’s Individual Life

On February 20, 1992, Niki Albon was born on Canvey Island, Essex. His mother Jacqueline is a hairdresser, and his father Darren is a mechanic. Along with two other siblings, he has a twin brother named Sammy who is 18 minutes younger than him. From 2008 to 2010, he studied English literature and language, geology, history, and classical civilization at Seevic College.

He and his twin brother attended Roehampton University in London, where Sammy took a course on classical civilization and Niki completed his history major with a minor in journalism and the media. Currently, the two brothers reside in East London.

Estimated Net Worth

One of the wealthiest and most well-known YouTube stars is Niki Albon. Our research of Niki Albon’s net worth from Forbes, Wikipedia, and Business Insider revealed a $5 million figure.