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Ohio, United States
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Ohio, United States

Noah Atwood is the eldest son of Roman Atwood, a famous YouTube Star, vlogger, prankster, comedian, actor, and director. Roman Atwood’s celebrity surged with his prank channel, ‘RomanAtwood,’ and his vlog channel, ‘RomanAtwoodVlogs.’ Noah Atwood is an adorable, cute, and bright youngster. He is the eldest son of Roman Atwood. This lovable and charming little kid has excelled in capturing hearts, receiving great affection and appreciation from a vast fan base and followers of his father. He has been featured frequently in his father’s films, even in pranks. His own social media handles are slowly but surely accruing viewers and followers. photographs of him being friendly, joyful, and humorous are posted to his Instagram account under the handle “Noahatwood_.” Some of these photographs include his father, his younger half-brother Kane, and Roman’s fiancée Brittney Smith. These pictures have helped him gain thousands of followers. His ‘noahatwoodvlogs’ and ‘noahatwood1804’ Twitter accounts are both doing the same thing and are progressively gaining popularity. His popularity has reached such a high degree that when his mother and the ex-wife of Roman Atwood, Shanna Janette, moved the court for not letting Noah appear in vlogs of Roman, the “#FreeMyNinjaNoah” movement developed, which ultimately resulted in Roman resuming his practice of include Noah in his vlogs.

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The Epic Ascent To Stardom

Noah, a loving youngster who constantly has a sweet smile on his face, has invariably been one of the cutest subjects of his father’s videos. He appears frequently in Roman Atwood’s movies, including in some of Roman’s well-known pranks. With his spontaneous and animated images and videos, he appears to have developed a camera-friendliness.

The son of such a well-known YouTuber, vlogger, prankster, comedian, actor, and director was certain to follow in his father’s footsteps by capturing the hearts of millions of people with his upbeat and charming photos and videos.
It is clear from the posts how close he is to his younger half-brother, Kane. The two half-brothers’ lively and joyous antics make viewers feel wonderful, and they anxiously anticipate seeing more of these posts.

Noah has his own Instagram and Twitter profiles in addition to his father’s social media sites. Visitors to his Instagram account ‘noahatwood_’ may witness amusing, adorable, and playful images featuring members of his current family, which consists of his father Roman, his father’s girlfriend Brittney Smith, who has sort of taken on the role of his stepmother, and his half-brother Kane.

He has already racked up a whopping 431k followers on his Gamer Boy Kik-branded Instagram account. He started his Noahatwoodvlogs and Noahatwood1804 Twitter accounts in April 2015, and as of right now, the former has more than 2900 followers.

When his mother Shanna Janette filed a lawsuit in late 2015 to have Noah removed from Roman’s vlogs, the hashtag “#FreeMyNinjaNoah” quickly gained traction. It was this that resulted in Noah once more being permitted to appear in vlogs. We the signers of this petition beg Noah’s mother to permit him to appear in the VLOGS, and we delivered the petition to her. Because Roman Atwood’s family has inspired everyone, we kindly ask.

Therefore, if Noah is barred from the VLOGS, you are harming everyone that Roman has motivated. So please, at the very least, let Noah decide whether or not to appear in the VLOGS. Recognize that Noah is not just your child, but also Roman’s. We congratulate this small child whose pure delight and upbeat attitude captured the attention of and moved millions of hearts. This must only be the beginning!

Behind The Scenes

Roman Atwood and his then-wife Shanna Janette Atwood welcomed Noah Vaughn Atwood into the world on October 18, 2004, in Ohio, the United States. In 2008, his parents divorced. He currently resides with his father, Kane, his half-brother, and Brittney Smith, who has taken on the role of stepmother to him and his father’s fiancée.

On October 23, 2011, Kane was born as a result of Roman’s relationship with Brittney. The two brothers, Noah and Kane, are anxiously anticipating the birth of their little sister sometime in the middle of 2017 since Brittney is expecting her second child. Could we claim that we are also anticipating the trio?

Estimated Net Worth

Noah is among the wealthiest family members originating from the United States. Our research, as well as information found on Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider, indicate that Noah Atwood’s net worth is $5 million.