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Nouveau Cheap, also known as G., is a beauty blogger noted for her low-cost cosmetic ideas, drugstore makeup ideas, and beauty tips and tricks. Nouveau is an art, literary, beauty, and fashion enthusiast. Her writing talents and love of beauty, together with her writings that teach others how to use drugstore makeup instead of more expensive cosmetics, have earned her a fan favorite among her online fans. Her cleverly called blog, Nouveau Cheap, lives up to its name with entries that instruct readers on how to choose the best drugstore cosmetics that are nearly as excellent as their branded equivalents. She often participates in shows and other events that promote simple and affordable cosmetics and beauty care. G. is the answer to all of your makeup-related concerns, and at a reasonable price!

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The Career of Nouveau

Nouveau Cheap has been interested in makeup since she was a child, but she only began blogging about it in 2009. Initially, Nouveau wrote on her blog about inexpensive and safe cosmetics that the general public can purchase and that has a similar effect to branded cosmetics available only in department stores.

Her low-cost drugstore makeup solutions quickly earned her a hit with the internet crowd. She regularly connects with readers to ensure that all of their questions are answered before they choose a cosmetic brand.

As of today, her blog also covers high-end goods, but only when those items are on sale!

She is currently one of the most well-known makeup artists in the internet world, and the go-to for everyone who wants to look as beautiful and sensual as the supermodels that grace the pages of fashion magazines, but without paying a fortune!

“Yes, I’m frugal, but this $1 lipstick was chosen with laser-like accuracy, and you’ll probably believe it’s Chanel when you see me wearing it!” she writes on her blog.

Her blog name, “Nouveau Cheap,” is a play on the phrase “nouveau chic,” meaning that excellent appearances may be achieved on a shoestring budget!

Personal Experiences

On December 13, 1970, Nouveau Cheap was born in San Diego, California. She had always been one of those little girls who would look at photographs of models wearing glossy cosmetics since she was a child.

She discovered techniques to do nice makeup without spending a lot of money as she grew older.

Nouveau, a fan of English literature, chose to share her thoughts with the public via her blog rather than a YouTube channel since she is better at expressing herself in writing than in speaking.

Nouveau currently resides in San Diego with her boyfriend, whom she affectionately refers to as Mr. G. She enjoys music, perfumes, and nail polishes as well.

Estimated Net worth

She has yet to reveal her exact salary and net worth to the press.

Moreover, Cheap’s Instagram account has acquired over 75k followers. She earns between $286.5 and $477.50 per post on her Instagram feed, according to the Influencer Marketing Hub.