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Nyema is a well-known Instagram user who has become well-known for her hilarious posts. She is distinguished by her green hair and frequently wears a wild haircut. Nyema updates her Instagram account with humorous videos, memes, and eye-catching images. Additionally, she has occasionally worked with DJ Smallz 732, a musician. She has more than 350,000 followers on Instagram. Once she had a verbal argument with a fellow Instagrammer named Haayrican. She became much more well-known after the video went viral online. Nyema is popular on other social media platforms, such as YouNow and Twitter as well.

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Social Media Achievement

Nyema has always been passionate about acting. Her lifelong ambition has been to perform in front of the camera for the enjoyment of viewers. She considered using social media to further her dream. Her objective was to appeal to a diverse online audience. She got her start on Twitter, where many people were interested in her tweets. After that, Nyema rose to fame on Twitter and utilized her success there to gain notoriety on other social media sites.

She started video streaming on YouNow, but it took her longer than she had anticipated establishing a reputation on the live broadcasting network. Nyema then proceeded to focus on her looks. She was aware that sporting a quirky and funky appearance would help her attract the required attention and increase the number of her followers. Nyema was entirely correct in believing this, as her new appearance accomplished the objective. She became an internet celebrity because of her aggressive makeup and new, brilliant, green hair.

In an effort to stand out from the crowd, she started using brightly colored makeup, such as purple and green lipstick and green eyeliner. Following the acquisition of more than 20,000 fans on YouNow, Nyema turned her attention to Instagram. She had several options for posting images, memes, and videos thanks to the photo and video-sharing app. She made extensive use of Instagram’s services, quickly rising to fame as a meme creator.

When a video of Nyema’s live argument with fellow Instagram user Haayrican became viral, Nyema gained even more notoriety. She and her sister afterward created a sister tag video. She has a few music and challenge videos on YouTube, where she is very active. It took nearly four years for Nyema to establish a name for herself online when she made her social media debut in 2011.

For a number of music videos, DJ Smallz 732 and Nyema worked together. She has appeared in music videos with titles like “Skinny Girl Anthem” and “Sexy Walk Challenge.” Later, she worked with DJ Blizz, another musician, to create the music video for “Hands on my Body 3.” These videos were created by Flyy, however, Em Aych was in charge of directing and editing. An appearance by Flyy as a performer may be seen in one of Nyema’s music videos.

Nyema is showcased as a maestro of the twerk in an exclusive video that DJ Smallz 732 later posted on his personal YouTube account. He gave the video the moniker “Twerkaholic.” The Bounce Tape is a video uploaded by Mvntana, another YouTuber. Nyema appeared in that video as a performer as well.

Then Nyema published a video in which she discussed the argument between Chris Brown and Soulja Boy. Additionally, Nyema has shared collections of her twerking films. She was then asked by her admirers to participate in the internet’s most popular challenge, the twerk.

Individual Life of Nyema

Nyema was born in Staten Island, New York City, on February 23, 1999. After that, she relocated to Richmond, Virginia, where she is now a resident. She has not mentioned her family history or her educational background. Her relationship status is unknown.

Estimated net worth

She is thought to be worth $185 million as of 2022. Her earnings as a musician fall between $21k to $208k.

With an engagement rate of 8.20%, her Instagram star earnings are in the five-digit area.

Her profits from her YouTube channel range from $1.7k to $28k as well.