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Olivia Nuzzi is a political journalist now employed by the magazine ‘New York’. She is the newspaper’s Washington reporter and reports on the Trump administration. Nuzzi made her career choice rather early in life. In 2011, when she was still a teenager, she began her writing career as a political journalist for a New Jersey-based weekly magazine. During the same time frame, she interned for various political campaigns in the city. Her short blog post on the Not Safe For Work Corporation (NSFWcorp) website and the subsequent article in the ‘New York Daily News’ about her brief internship with the since-disgraced politician Anthony Weiner’s New York mayoral campaign boosted her career because it was published at a time when Weiner was already embroiled in a number of other scandals. She was terminated from NSFWcorp in November 2013 and worked for “The Daily Beast” during the 2016 presidential election before joining “New York” magazine in February 2017. She has contributed to ‘Politico Magazine,’ ‘GQ,’ ‘Esquire,’ and ‘The Washington Post’ over the course of her career.

Olivia Nuzzi’s Career

Olivia Nuzzi began writing for triCityNews, an alternative weekly magazine published in Asbury Park, Monmouth County, New Jersey, at the age of 18. She also contributed frequently to the blog and news website More Monmouth Musings.

In 2013, she completed a four-week internship with the unsuccessful mayoral campaign of Anthony Weiner. Nuzzi joined NSFWcorp in July of that year, and in a website-posted diary, she discussed her experience. She disclosed that Weiner called her and the other twenty female interns “Monica” due to his inability to recall their names.

She went on to publish numerous more campaign-related articles for the website. She was afterward hired by the New York Daily News to do a follow-up article on the same subject. Her piece was published on July 30.

In November of that year, NSFWcorp let Nuzzi and one other employee go, along with the editor of sex and science, Leigh Cowart. She indicated in an interview that while she did not wish to leave the news organization at the time, there were no hard feelings between “her and anyone on the team or within the corporation.”

She was employed by ‘The Daily Beast’ in May 2014, where she covered the presidential campaigns of Rand Paul and Chris Christie. She frequently writes about Donald Trump’s meteoric rise to political power. Nuzzi developed herself as a reputable political analyst and journalist over time.

In November 2016, Politico named her as one of the “16 Breakout Media Stars” of the 2016 presidential election, and a month later, she was included on Mediaite’s list of 2016’s 25 “most important” persons in news media.

Since February 2017, she has been New York magazine’s first-ever Washington correspondent, covering the Trump administration and Congress for the magazine’s print edition and “Daily Intel” blog.

Disputes and Scandals

In her pieces for NSFWcorp and the New York Daily News, Nuzzi was extremely critical of Weiner and his senior staff, describing them as “inexperienced” and claiming that there were numerous “short résumés floating around the office.” She also noted that the majority of interns were there to gain favor with Weiner’s estranged wife, Huma Abedin, a close associate of Hillary Clinton.

Barbara Morgan, the campaign’s spokesman and director of communication, responded by labeling Nuzzi, among other things, a “whore.” The resulting issue drew unwelcome attention to Weiner’s 2013 campaign for the mayoralty of New York, which was already reeling from the disclosures that Weiner had continued his unlawful online activities, which had led to his departure from Congress in 2011.

Morgan later revealed to the reporters that she had personally apologized to Nuzzi, who responded by tweeting “of course she takes it.”

Olivia Nuzzi’s Personal Life

Olivia Nuzzi was born in New York City, New York, on January 6, 1993, to parents Kelly and John Nuzzi. Her father was from Brooklyn, New York, and had spent twenty years working for the city’s Department of Sanitation. His death occurred in 2015

Jonathan and she were reared in the River Plaza neighborhood of Middletown, New Jersey. Nuzzi attended Middletown High School South before enrolling at New York’s Fordham University. She left school before to graduation in order to accept a job offer from ‘The Daily Beast.’

Estimated Net Worth

Olivia Nuzzi is one of the wealthiest and most well-known journalists. According to our research, Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider, Olivia Nuzzi has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.


In an article for The Atlantic published in 2013, journalist Garance Franke-Ruta referred to her as a “lissome blonde.”