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Izmir, Turkey
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Izmir, Turkey

The popular Turkish YouTuber Orkun Isitmak is well known for his channel “The Persica” and the different videos he uploads there. Playthrough videos are among the several videos that helped him become well-known. Isitmak started uploading videos on YouTube in the year 2012. He initially had no notion that his videos would help him become well-known and popular. Before switching to more focused content, he would first release films about various tricks. He altered his channel’s style and format, but his supporters continued to love and adore him. For his followers, Isitmak started posting films of challenging situations. Along with this, he has produced parodies and posted music videos, both of which are well-liked by his admirers. He posts his content on several platforms and is active on all social networking sites. These are the channels by which Isitmak communicates with his followers. Additionally, he maintains a website where he posts footage of behind-the-scenes activities.

Orkun Isitmak ‘s Career

In June 2012, Orkun Isitmak uploaded his video for the first time on YouTube. Before he started posting game videos, his first video was about performing card tricks. He began posting adventure game videos in the years that followed. He made the difficult decision to change his channel’s format, taking a big risk that could have cost him a lot of fans and subscribers.

However, despite altering his video style and format, he was still able to acquire 1 million members for his YouTube channel in this niche. Isitmak has a weekly habit of posting films, which he does to make his followers happy. He also posts videos of behind-the-scenes activities on his own website. On his website, he posts videos that show the process of making the actual videos, capturing the fun and work that goes into it. He also publishes essays on blog pages.

One can find a variety of videos on his YouTube channel. His cooperation with his friends is one of them. He is also well known for posting videos of song parodies. In September 2017, he posted one of the most well-known parodies, one of the songs “Despacito.”

Like many other YouTube celebrities, he reads the messages and comments left by his followers. He turned the words into a song and shared it with his followers in one of the videos he aired in April 2017. Isitmak performs the entire song alone and frequently mimics well-known vocalists like Ed Sheeran and The Weekend. Additionally, Isitmak created a music video for the Pokeman Go game in which he can be seen singing on the street while holding a phone.

Orkun’s Individual Life

On January 8, 1996, Orkun Isitmak was born. He was raised by his mother and was born in the Turkish city of Izmir. Governor Vecdi Gonul Anatolian High School is where the YouTube sensation received his diploma. But he made the decision to settle in Istanbul later in life.

He began his study after relocating to Istanbul, and he also made connections with other influential YouTubers and began creating material for the platform. He attends Istanbul University where he pursues a degree in Italian language and literature.

Estimated Net Worth

Orkun is one of the wealthiest and most well-known YouTube stars. Orkun Isitmak’s net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million based on our analysis of data from sources including Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider.