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Stratford, Ontario

Canadian artist Owen Davey gained notoriety after posting his first multi-instrumental cover to YouTube. He has frequently been referred to as a kid prodigy ever since. Davey was interested in music at a very young age and is a six-instrumentalist. He keeps on playing and practicing every day to increase his proficiency with these instruments. His debut YouTube video was a cover of “Orion” by Metallica, a song renowned for its complex arrangement. Davey composed the harmonies and performed all of the song’s instrumentation. His career took off after numerous metal magazines and music websites featured the cover and acknowledged his brilliance. In addition to going viral on YouTube, the video also gained popularity on Facebook with over 130k views. He has since covered a great deal of other songs and had incredibly positive feedback. He has collaborated with a number of studios and brands at an early age to advance his career. He also became the youngest Ibanez Guitar endorser. Davey is still working on his music right now and plans to release unique compositions in the future. He resides in Canada’s Stratford.

Gain Notoriety by Owen Davey

Owen Davey developed an early interest in music. He learned to play six different instruments by the time he was thirteen. Davey got to know producer/engineer Aaron Murray of Charterhouse Studios through a personal connection. Murray agreed to get together for a recording session after realizing Owen’s potential. Owen Davey collaborated with London Guitars and Charterhouse Studios to create his first public work, a multi-instrumental rendition of Metallica’s “Orion.” This cover was first posted on YouTube and was recorded by Murray and edited by Owen. An engaged audience quickly began to watch the video. It became more well-known because the 13-year-old youngster himself played every instrument. Metal enthusiasts shared this video extensively on Facebook and Twitter as soon as they realized Owen was an inborn genius. Owen eventually gained recognition from specialized music publications and websites, which published laudatory reviews of his cover. His early success gave him motivation to focus on his next songs.

Owen then worked on “XYZ” by Rush and “Master of Puppets” by Metallica. Despite the fact that both were successful, Metallica fans praised his rendition of “Master of Puppets,” which quickly accumulated over 400k views. Among his other covers are medleys of Tool original tracks, Megadeth’s “Lucretia,” and Metallica tunes. Davey received an endorsement offer from Japanese guitar manufacturer Ibanez Guitar in October 2017. Given that other accomplished guitarists have collaborated with Ibanez, this was an esteemed affiliation, and Owen was named the brand’s youngest ambassador. Other sponsors, including Tama, Sabian, Chaterhouse Studios, Earthworks Microphone, and The PAshop, were also made possible by this endorsement.

He was listed in May 2018 as one of the seven “Canadian guitarists under 30” that Canadian Musician Magazine has put together. At the moment, Facebook and YouTube are where he is most active. On YouTube, he has more than 8000 subscribers and more than 700k views. His Facebook covers frequently reach one million views and garner several comments. Currently enrolled in secondary school in his hometown of Stratford, Owen aspires to become a more well-known artist in the future by releasing original music.

Individual Life of Owen Davey

Canada’s Stratford is the birthplace of Owen Davey. Allan Davey, his father, is a multi-award-winning professional photographer. Owen’s passion for music began at a young age; he took piano lessons and quickly expanded to include other instruments. Aside from music, Owen enjoys watching movies, taking pictures, and playing video games.

Facts of Owen Davey

Dream Theater, Paul Gilbert, Tool, Stevie Ray, Stevie Wonder, Rage Against the Machine, Tool, and Megadeth are some of Owen’s favorite performers and bands. Guitar Hero 3 exposed him to the band Metallica.

The net worth of Owen Davey

The estimated net worth of Owen Davey is about $2 million.