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Updated On January 14, 2023
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American fitness cover model, businesswoman, and social media sensation Paige Hathaway is well-known for her enormous Instagram following. She finished second at the 2012 Ronnie Coleman Classic, the largest NPC statewide tournament in the United States, at the very beginning of her career. She won the FLEX August 2013 Bikini Model Search the next year. She has since adorned the covers of numerous high-profile publications, including Fitness Gurls, Women’s Health and Fitness, Oxygen, Inside Fitness, MOST, Livid Magazine, Muscular Development, Dakini Magazine, and many others. She has been a three-year ambassador for the Shredz company. She attended the 2013 BodyPower UK Expo as a member of the Gymshark crew. She offers a membership program on her website and offers interested individuals unique, individualized diet and exercise plans. She provides the “Fit in 5” challenge through her website, promising to make people fit in just 5 weeks. In 2017, she also published her own calendar.

The Epic Ascent To Stardom

When she was younger, Paige Hathaway was physically active, and she loved soccer throughout high school. She never even considered pursuing a career in fitness modeling or athletics, though. When she was a college student, a local trainer at the gym asked her to participate in a fitness competition, and that’s when her life took a dramatic turn. Hathaway, who had experienced a difficult childhood, was at that point enjoying her freedom in college, partying with her sorority, and originally turning down the offer. She eventually got over her “sorority phase” and agreed to take part in the competition. She began dieting and rigorously trained over the course of the next four months, all while according to a set plan. When she finished second in her division at the 2012 Ronnie Coleman Classic, it all paid off. A few months later, when she began to flaunt her toned physique on Instagram, her social media fame skyrocketed. She currently has a sizable Instagram following.

Why Paige Hathaway Is So Unique?

Paige Hathaway’s life found direction once she won her first fitness competition, but she had to put in a lot of effort to become the role model she is today. In fact, soon after her maiden victory, she suffered severe losses in two competitions. But rather than becoming discouraged, she kept up her training regimen. She was inspired by the changes weight training made to her body and lifestyle and made the decision to spread the word about fitness and wellness in order to assist others. She was unfortunate to have no contacts and was struggling financially, working two jobs just to make ends meet. She sent her portfolio to practically all publications because she was eager to get a job as a fitness model. She waited a while to hear back from Women’s Health magazine, but they were unable to sign her since she was unrepresented by an agency. She eventually joined with Shredz, a business that offers nutritional supplements and fitness-related information, after attending the 2012 Olympia Expo. She began to contact more people on social media as soon as she established herself in the field. Additionally, she set up her own website to provide interested followers with individualized training. By setting an example that “strong is beautiful,” she motivates her followers.

Past Fame of Paige Hathaway

Paige Hathaway succeeded because of her drive and labor, but success also came with criticism and unfavorable attention. It is simple to see how many people’s lives she has positively impacted from the comments on her social media sites, but it is also tough to ignore statements like “women should not have muscles.” She has learned to overlook offensive remarks since she is smart enough to know better. Former “Bachelorette” contestant Chase McNary confirmed in March 2017 that he is seeing Paige Hathaway right now. Although he first avoided mentioning her by name because the relationship was still in its early stages, his admirers quickly pieced together information from his social media profiles to determine that it was Paige, which he later verified.

Behind The Scenes

In Minnesota, Paige Marie Hathaway was born on July 31, 1987. Her father had a drinking problem. When she was a baby, her parents got divorced, and she had to relocate from one parent to the other as a result of a contentious custody dispute. Government assistance allowed her and her mother to live in a trailer. Her mother took her to Texas when she was just four years old in defiance of a stay order so that she could be with someone she found online. When police located them, they turned over Paige to her paternal grandma. She was even raised by some of her other cousins after spending some time in foster care. She moved out to live on her own after turning 16 and made Oklahoma her new home.

Paige Hathaway’s Net Worth

The estimated $6 million net worth of Paige Hathaway. Paige said in a Cosmopolitan interview that she was earning between $35,000 and $50,000 per month in commissions from Shredz, a supplement sponsor. She also earns money through F45 endorsements, ebook sales, site subscriptions, and paid social media postings.


Paige Hathaway eventually obtained a degree in sports medicine after initially aspiring to be a dentist.