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Park Makrye is one of South Korea’s oldest YouTubers. She is well-known for her funny movies depicting her daily life as a fashion-conscious retiree. She shares everything on her channel under the name ‘Korea Grandma,’ from cosmetic tips to her travels across the world. Her movies are all about showing off her wrinkles and the difficulties of aging. Makrye, who is battling dementia on a daily basis, also runs a diner in Yongin, Seoul. Makrye has achieved superstar status in South Korea after being encouraged to film videos by her young granddaughter. People travel from all over the country to meet her at her diner. Her fame has escalated to the point where even tech behemoths like Samsung are aware of her! Makrye has not only starred in a Samsung YouTube commercial, but she has also posed for a high-end women’s magazine. Aside from this, she has also hosted a home shopping show. The hilarious and adorable grandma is full of life and zest, and she wants to accomplish a lot more in the coming years. Aside from vlogging and running her cafe, she enjoys traveling, eating, and taking photographs in the same way that teenagers and young adults do.

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Career of Park

Park Makrye began her YouTube career in January of this year. Kim Yura, her granddaughter, was the one who initially shared her grandmother’s holiday video on the internet. Makrye was shown in this video having her first diving experience. This video quickly became a smash hit in South Korea. Yura encouraged her grandmother to start making videos on YouTube because of its popularity. Makrye then launched her YouTube channel, ‘Korea Grandma,’ on January 30, 2017. She’s been sharing her amusing and intriguing films every week since then.

‘Grandma MakRye’s (curse-inducing) vacation to Cairns, Australia’ was her first video on her channel. Other videos such as ‘Thin Film Making Ryan Chocolate in Grandma’ and ‘Is this the same movie we did?’ followed. ‘What is in her grandmother’s luggage’ and ‘Thin film grandmother’s air conditioner review’ are both available. These videos were successful in attracting a large number of viewers. Makrye’s videos followed, with titles such as ‘Going to the dentist and market makeup look,’ ‘It’s a struggle for the first time kayaking in 71 years,’ ‘Beauty and the Beast Movie Review by Korea Grandma,’ and so on.

‘Too Dirty Grand Daughter’ and ‘Grandma’s Hip Hop Make Up ‘Yozm Gang’ are two of the most current videos on her channel. Park Makrye’s YouTube channel now has over 313k subscribers and 22 million views. In the future, she’ll undoubtedly gain even more views and subscribers!

Her Personal Experiences

Park Makrye was born in the Republic of Korea. Her parents refused to educate her as a child and forced her to do home chores such as washing, cleaning, and cutting firewood. Her husband abandoned her after only a few years of marriage, leaving her with the duty of raising their three children alone. Makrye then founded a restaurant and raised her children on her own. She currently resides in South Korea with her family, which includes her granddaughter Kim Yura, who motivated her to pursue a career as a YouTuber.

Estimated Net Worth

Park is one of the wealthiest YouTube stars and one of the most popular. Park Makrye’s net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million, according to Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider.She opened a diner/eatery in Yongin, Seoul and began appearing in YouTube videos in 2017