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Busan, South Korea
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Busan, South Korea

South Korean actress Park Si-yeon is well recognized for her significant parts in hit TV shows including “The Innocent Man” and “Coffee House.” After competing in the Miss Korea contest in 2000, she started her acting career. Before she could finally succeed as an actor, Park had to go through her fair share of hardships. She received harsh criticism for her role in the 2005 television series “My Girl.” Despite the success of the SBS drama, Park was unable to receive the recognition she had hoped for. But subsequently, she developed her abilities and gave standout performances in “La Dolce Vita” (2008), “Coffee House” (2010), and “The Innocent Man” (2012). She later went on to star in films including “The Scent,” “Marine Boy,” “A Love,” and “The Fox Family,” among others (2012). Park has also made several cameos in music videos, such as those for the songs “Rainy Day” by Jung-in, “After Love” by Park Hyo-shin, and “Habit” by Woo Soo.

Early Childhood & Life

On March 29, 1979, in Busan, South Korea, Park Mi-son was born. She had few friends when she was little since she was so bashful.
She began crying out of anxiety when she was supposed to sing during the Lunar New Year in front of her father. The next step was to send her to a singing school in an effort to boost her self-confidence.

After gaining confidence, Park began performing in front of listeners and even took first place in a 1990 KBS children’s song competition.
She had always wanted to be an actor, but because of her parent’s disapproval, she ended up graduating from Long Island University with a degree in journalism.

When she made the decision to compete in the Miss Seoul beauty contest, she was still pursuing her education. She placed third, and her accomplishment inspired her to compete in the Miss Korea pageant.
She competed in the Miss Korea beauty competition in 2000 and made quite an impression. She gained confidence through competing in beauty pageants, and she then began to consider a career in acting.

Early Career in Acting

Although Park’s parents weren’t entirely in favor of her decision to pursue acting, she persisted in looking into chances. She finally obtained a Chinese agency’s signature as a consequence of her efforts, and she began applying for various Chinese television programs.

She made appearances in the dramas “Feng Qiu Huang,” “Han Xue Bao Ma,” and “Lotus Lantern” on CCTV in 2004.
She also agreed to a marketing deal with the cosmetics business Enpranai.

Career in Acting

In 2005, she made her film and television acting debut in the Korean drama “My Girl.” Although Park’s acting abilities were challenged and her involvement in the series was called into question, the show was nevertheless a success.

She continued to play little roles despite the criticism, trying her luck in a number of other TV shows and movies. She appeared in a number of series during this period of her career, including “Please Come Back, Soon-ae,” “Yeon Gaesomun,” and “Hyena.”

She made her acting debut in the comedy-horror musical “The Fox Family” in 2006. She gave a stronger performance in the movie and went on to star in a number of other films, including “A Love” (2007) and “Zig-Zag Love” (2007).

Next, she had a difficult role in the 2008 TV drama “La Dolce Vita.” She appeared in the spy spoof movie “Dachimawa Lee” that same year. She performed the part of an agent in the movie.
She had her appearance in “The Slingshot” in 2009 as Seo Kyung-ah. The KBS2 broadcast of the series was a rating hit. She also had an appearance in the KBS2 television program “Drama Special.” She portrayed a character named Yoo-hee in the show.

In 2009, she then appeared in the film “Marine Boy.” She also participated in a variety program called “Family Outing,” where celebrities had to deal with various facets of country living.

She portrayed a very upbeat and compassionate woman in the 2010 MBC network drama “Coffee House.”
The 2012 film “The Scent” marked Park’s comeback after a two-year absence. She portrayed a sweet woman who was the only witness to a double homicide. The movie did well at the box office in spite of unfavorable reviews from reviewers.

She also played the role of a lady who betrays her lover in the KBS2 soap “The Innocent Man.” Both the public and critics responded well to her performance.
In 2014, she made a comeback on television with “The Greatest Marriage,” playing the role of a popular anchor who is also a struggling single mother.

She appeared in the 2015 action film “The Last Knights.” In addition, Park made her Hollywood debut, sharing the screen with stars like Clive Owen, Ahn Sung-ki, and Morgan Freeman.
She portrays the disgruntled congressman’s wife in the 2016 television series “Fantastic.” The JTBC network broadcast the series.
She appeared in “Guesthouse Daughters” in 2017. After a few episodes, the KBS-aired program was canceled.

Park’s Various Works

She was selected in 2010 to serve as the creative director of the Korean clothing brand Moeim Style, which is based in the US. She was employed by the company’s “TOUCH” brand as well.
Park was one of the eight actors and actresses that self-produced and recorded a charity song. The song, named “Winter Story,” was made available on December 5, 2011.

Recognition & Achievements

Park took third place in the 2000 “Miss Seoul Beauty Pageant.”
She received the “New Star Award” at the 2006 SBS Drama Awards for “My Girl.”
For “The Fox Family,” she won the prestigious “Best New Actress” prize at the 43rd Baeksang Arts Awards in 2007.
A Love earned her the title of “Best New Actress” at the 27th Korean Association of Film Critics Awards in 2007.

Park’s Individual Life

She rose to fame in 2004 when she started dating singer-actor Eric Mun. In 2007, Eric and Park split up.
On November 19, 2011, she wed Park Sang-hun at the Seoul Hyatt Hotel. She married this man, and they have two daughters.

She was found guilty in 2013 of ingesting the banned drug propofol. The Seoul Central District Court gave her an eight-month prison term with a two-year suspension. In 2016, Park filed for divorce.

Estimated net Worth

One of the wealthiest and most well-known movie actresses is Park Si-Yeon. Our study of Park Si-net Yeon’s worth from sources including Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider indicates that it is roughly $1.5 million.