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Dublin, Ireland
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Dublin, Ireland

Patrick “Pat” Condell is a British writer and comedian who was born in Ireland and is well-known on social media. This brave and outspoken grandpa is here to prove you wrong if you think social media popularity is only for the lovely young things! When he first delved into social media in 2007, he was already a well-known comedian with years of experience playing live. His outspoken rants on delicate topics such as religion and political correctness have gotten him into a lot of trouble in the past. Nothing, however, appears to deter this amusing man, who can make jokes about nearly everything and doesn’t give a damn about those who claim to be offended by his words. His outspokenness has also earned him a lot of notoriety and a sizable fan base. He began his career as a comedian in the 1980s, and for several years, he performed on the London alternative comedy scene under the name Eddie Zibin. Around the same time, he began his writing career. He quickly established himself as a popular figure on the British comedy scene, thanks to his natural wit and spontaneous sense of humour. In the 2000s, his appearance on social media platforms elevated his appeal even more by exposing him to a larger audience. He had 300,000 YouTube subscribers, 70,000 Twitter followers, and 86,500 likes on his official Facebook page as of May 2017.

Career of Pat Condell

Pat Condell entered the world of comedy late in life, according to traditional wisdom. His first performance on stage was in a comedy piece called “Mountbatten’s Plimsoll,” which he did when he was 32 years old. He began composing poems for the ‘Period Out’ magazine around this time. He had the opportunity to play on the London alternative comedy circuit over the years, which helped him become a well-known character. In the early 1990s, he received his big break when he appeared at the Comedy Store. His popularity as a comic grew exponentially, and he was invited to join BBC Radio 1’s ‘Loose Talk’ as a regular panelist. In 1991, he won the Time Out Comedy Award. By the mid-1990s, he was a household name, doing up to 200 gigs each year.

He is an outspoken opponent of the negative aspects of all established religions as a self-proclaimed atheist. This, of course, does not sit well with certain segments of the population, and he is frequently chastised for it. He, on the other hand, is unconcerned with his critics and maintains that he is unconcerned whether his statements offend someone.

Pat Condell’s popularity as a comic reached new heights in February 2007, when he launched his own YouTube channel. He claims to make videos “advocating secularism, democracy, and free speech” and labels himself as “Godless and Free.”

He was a prolific YouTuber, posting over a hundred video monologues in less than four years! On the dotSUB collaborative platform, his movies were translated and subtitled into 14 languages over time. He was one of the top ten most subscribed YouTubers in the UK by September 2009, and the most subscribed comedian of all time in the UK. ‘Little Green Footballs,’ ‘LiveLeak,’ ‘Jihad Watch,’ and ‘Geert Wilders,’ among other websites, have aired his films.

Scandals & Controversies

Pat Condell has never shied away from expressing his views, even whether they are controversial or controversial. With his anti-Islamic sentiments, he has sparked numerous debates. Many harsh comments have been made about his monologues headlined ‘The Trouble with Islam,’ ‘Muslim Punishment For Homosexuality,’ ‘No Mosque at Ground Zero,’ and ‘Justice for Osama.’ Due to the provocative and anti-religious character of his films, he has even received death threats. In a video, he claimed that Islam is a “religion of war” and that “Muslim women in the United Kingdom who cover their faces are psychologically ill.” Condell’s remarks were condemned as “insulting, degenerating, and racist” by Commissioner Elliot Cohen. Pat Condell, on the other hand, appears to be unmoved by the abuse and threats he receives.

Personal Experiences of Pat Condell

Pat Condell was born on November 23, 1949, into a poor household in Dublin, Ireland. He was born and reared in the United Kingdom. His father was a compulsive gambler who died of leukemia when Pat was a toddler, thus he had a terrible childhood. He left out of a succession of Church of England schools at the age of 16 to fend for himself after attending a series of different Church of England institutions. He became a comedian after laboring for years performing odd jobs and finding success in this field. He is a vegetarian because he cares for animals on a personal level. He and his wife have been happily married for 40 years and are still very much in love.

Estimated Net Worth

Pat Condell is one of the wealthiest comedians and one of the most well-known. Pat Condell’s net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million, according to Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider.