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Orlando, Florida

Professional make-up artist Patrick Simondac, often known online as Patrick Starrr, is well-known on YouTube. He has many interests, with photography being one among them. Patrick uses the art of photography as a creative outlet. Starr’s love of photography inspired him to try his hand at makeup application. He cultivates both makeup and photography with amazing vigor because he is so passionate about both. On social networking sites, Patrick is followed by a huge number of people. He brags about having makeup contracts with well-known cosmetics companies like NYX and Benefit. For the YouTube videos, he frequently works alongside his friends Manny Mua (Gutierrez) and Christen Dominique. Patrick is a self-assured and driven individual. It is simple to conclude that makeup is not just for girls after analyzing Patrick’s achievements that it is not just for females. Unquestionably, Patrick Simondac represents this significant change in the beauty industry.

Patrick Starr’s Career

The beauty industry has been completely swept up by Patrick Simondac. He succeeds in dispelling the long-held misconception that prevents boys from wearing makeup. He made a concerted effort to persuade viewers of his beauty vlogs. He believes that even if the beauty industry has undergone a significant transformation, there is still much space for improvement.

Since the majority of YouTube vloggers are fair and slim, he encounters many difficulties. Many viewers still struggle with the idea of being plus large. Patrick does a great job of discussing these issues. He strives to establish a positive rapport with his audience. He gives people the self-assurance they need.

Due to his busy schedule, Patrick alternates between Orlando, Los Angeles, and New York City. After completing high school, he started taking photos. He had aspirations of becoming a famous photographer. He developed his intrinsic enthusiasm for makeup during these times.

The achievement wasn’t easy. He had a lot of challenges to overcome as he was growing up. To get famous, he had to work really hard. He is driven by his obsession with makeup and works hard to overcome challenges in his professional life. He dedicates his entire being to making vlogs that would encourage viewers. He always tells his audience to follow their passions.

Patrick is in charge of the internet makeup movement, where young people come to him for advice on beauty. He has agreements with several of the top cosmetic companies. Simondac also created three nail polish colors and helped with the Sephora Formula X (beauty brand).

The nail polishes have the names Yazzz, Lucky Starrr, and She Better Werk. Along with his pal and makeup guru Manny Gutierrez, Simondac also hosts meet-and-greet events. They recently held a concert in Times Square for their New York City-based followers. Additionally, he served as the host of a few bride-focused episodes. He is grateful to the Glam Glow (beauty company) management for enabling him to record the films in their office.

Applying makeup can occasionally be a daunting chore, but thanks to Simondac’s tutorial videos, it’s actually fairly simple. He instructs his viewers on everything in his films, including how to pick the best cosmetics and apply them expertly. His seductive demeanor and sincere reviews set the door for this extraordinary triumph.

Patrick’s Individual Life

On November 11, 1989, Patrick Simondac was born in Orlando, Florida. Peter and Paul are Patrick’s older brothers. He feels a strong bond with his family. He was very active in sports as a child, including swimming, tennis, and golf. He used to help his buddies in choir practices and singing competitions because he is a qualified classical pianist.

When he used computers to photoshop images, he became interested in makeup. He rarely considered pursuing a career as a beauty expert at that time. Instead, he intended to pursue a career in nursing. He nevertheless pursued his aspirations and succeeded as an entrepreneur. Simondac is proud of his loving family. Simondac is the pinnacle of artists. He truly inspires me.

Estimated Net Worth

Patrick is one of the wealthiest and most well-known YouTube stars. According to our research, Patrick Starrr has a net worth of $5 million, as reported by Forbes, Wikipedia, and Business Insider.