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Deal, New Jersey

American singer, songwriter, and guitarist Vivienne Patricia Scialfa has been a member of the E Street Band since the 1980s. She was honored with a spot in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame for her contributions to the group. She was born in Deal, New Jersey, and started writing songs at a very young age. Although she used to pitch her own songs to different musicians in her early years, sadly none of them were ever recorded. She joined the E Street Band just before their “Born in the USA Tour” a few years after graduating. She also appeared on the British rock group “Rolling Stones” album “Dirty Work.” Additionally, she collaborated with English singer Keith Richards on his debut solo album, “Talk is Cheap.” She published her debut solo album, “Rumble Doll,” in the early 1990s. It had twelve tracks. Later, she issued two additional albums, “Play It as It Lays” and “23rd Street Lullaby.”

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Patti Scialfa’s Career

After graduating from high school, Patti Scialfa started her career as a singer in New Jersey pub bands. The University of New York was where she also studied music. She offered her paintings to several artists while she was a college student. Sadly, none of them were documented. Later, she founded the street crew “The Trickster” with Soozie Tyrell and Lisa Lowell.

She struggled a lot during the following few years to establish herself in the music business. She subsequently began performing at venues including Kenny Castaways and Folk City. She soon worked with well-known singers like Southside Johnny and David Johansen as her popularity expanded over time.

A few days before the band’s “Born in the USA Tour” began in 1984, she became a member of the E Street Band. She also made an appearance on the Rolling Stones’ “Dirty Work” album. Then she incorporated “Talk is Cheap,” the debut album by Keith Richards.

She eventually released her debut album, “Rumble Doll,” in 1993 after some time. Rolling Stone Magazine awarded it four stars. Twelve songs were included in it, including “In My Imagination” and “Spanish Dancer.”

She released her second album, “23rd Street Lullaby,” ten years and one month later. On the US Billboard 200, it peaked at position 152. It received the same four stars from Rolling Stone as her prior album. There were songs like “City Boys,” “Chelsea Avenue,” and “Yesterday’s Child” on it.

Play It as It Lays, her third album was published by her in 2007. According to the US Billboard 200, it was at position 90. The Rolling Stone Magazine gave it three and a half stars. The CD contains the songs “Looking for Elvis,” “Bad for You,” and “Black Ladder.”

Patti’s Individual Life

On July 29, 1953, Patti Scialfa was born. In Deal, New Jersey, she was raised. Joseph and Patricia Scialfa were her parents. Her father started out as a real estate developer after owning a TV store. She attended Asbury Park High School, where she received her diploma in 1971.

Patti Scialfa met the Grammy and Oscar-winning musician Bruce Springsteen early in her career. They began dating, and in 1990, she gave birth to their son Evan James Springsteen. The following June, they were married. In December 1991 and January 1994, respectively, the couple welcomed Jessica Rae Springsteen and Samuel Ryan Springsteen into the world. Living in Colt Necks, New Jersey, is the family.

She earned her $5 million net worth as a result of her musical profession. She and her spouse also possess a number of homes spread out across the nation.
2014 saw her admission to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Estimated Net Worth

American singer-songwriter and musician Patti Scialfa has a $50 million dollar fortune. Patti Scialfa, also known as Vivienne Patricia Scialfa, was born in Deal, New Jersey, and by the time she graduated from high school, she had already started creating songs as a young girl.