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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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Paulo Coelho, the internationally renowned author of several best-selling novels, is one of the most widely read writers in the contemporary world.
He is such a well-known author that he holds the Guinness World Record for the most translated works by a living author. His writings have frequently been criticized for lacking the finesse and depth associated with good literature, but this does not appear to diminish his fame as a novelist in any way. Coelho had always been passionate about writing and aspired to be a writer from an early age. He was, however, discouraged by his parents, who desired that he pursue a career as a lawyer. After one term, the rebellious young man dropped out of law school to become a hippie and immersed himself in a carefree lifestyle defined by drugs, sex, and rock. Coelho had a spiritual awakening during a visit to Spain when he was 38 and realized it was past time he listened to his intuition and pursued his dream of becoming a writer. He resigned from his other jobs and began writing full-time. Today, he is well-known for his books not only in his native country, but also in over 150 other countries.

Childhood & Adolescence

He was born in Brazil to devout Catholic parents and educated at a Jesuit school. His father was a professional engineer.

Paulo desired a career as a writer from an early age, but his parents disapproved. They desired that he pursue a more secure career and develop into a man of the world. Due to the teenager’s rebellion, his parents committed him to a mental institution three times, despite the fact that he kept escaping.

He surrendered to his parents’ wishes and enrolled in law school, abandoning his dream of becoming a writer. He was unable to focus on his studies, however, and dropped out after one year.

He converted to hippieism and traveled extensively throughout South America, North Africa, and Europe. He became involved in the 1960s and 1970s ‘drug, sex, and rock’ culture.

Career of Paulo

He accepted a position as a songwriter for Elis Regina Rita Lee and Raul Seixas upon his return to Brazil. His friendship with Raul exposed him to magic and occultism. Coelho was once arrested by the military government because his lyrics were deemed left-wing and dangerous.

He was dissatisfied with his career and experimented with a variety of occupations before settling on writing. He had previously worked as an actor, a journalist, and a theatre director.

In 1982, he published his first book, ‘Hell Archives.’ However, it was a failure. In 1986, he embarked on a 500-plus-mile trek along northern Spain’s Road of Santiago de Compostela. On the trip, he experienced a spiritual awakening and intuitively realized that it was past time he began writing seriously.

In 1987, he published his novel ‘The Pilgrimage.’ It was an autobiographical account of his trek through Spain that explored man’s need to forge his own path in life.

The following year, he published ‘The Alchemist,’ which quickly became his most popular work. The 1988 novel follows a shepherd with a recurring dream of discovering treasure in Egypt.

In 1990, he published ‘Brida,’ a novel about a lovely young girl and her quest for knowledge. The story follows the girl as she embarks on a journey of self-discovery and develops relationships with the people she meets along the way.

He made it a point throughout the 1990s to write at least one novel every two years. Among his more popular novels of the decade were ‘By the River Piedra, I sat and wept’ (1994) and ‘Veronika Decides to Die’ (1996). (1998).

He ushered in the new millennium with the publication of the book ‘The Devil and Miss Prym’ (2000), in which he discussed the choices people face when confronted with temptation. It was essentially a story about the conflict between good and evil.

‘Eleven Minutes’ was published in 2003. The plot revolved around a prostitute who is skilled in sex but doubts she will ever find true love.

He continues to write regularly, despite the fact that he is well into his sixties. Among his more recent works are ‘The Winner Stands Alone’ (2008), ‘Aleph’ (2010), and ‘Manuscript Found in Accra’ (2011). (2012).

Significant Works of Paulo

‘The Alchemist’ is the work that established him as a significant author on a global scale. The book was originally published in Portuguese and has since been translated into over 80 different languages, with over 65 million copies sold.

Awards and Accomplishments

In 1999, he received the World Economic Forum’s Crystal Award. In May 2006, President Georgi Parvanov of Bulgaria presented him with “The Honorable Award of the President of the Republic.”

Personal History and Legacies

He has been married to Christina Oiticica, an artist, since 1980. The couple spends half their time in Europe and half in Brazil.

In 1996, he founded the Paulo Coelho Institute, which assists impoverished children and the elderly. He also serves as a special adviser to UNESCO on “Intercultural Dialogues and Spiritual Convergences.”

Estimated Net Worth

Paulo Coelho is a $500 million dollar Brazilian novelist, musician, and lyricist. His novel “The Alchemist” is his most well-known work. In 2014, he made his personal papers available online in order to establish a virtual Paulo Coelho Foundation.