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Chicago, Illinois
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Chicago, Illinois

Pearl Gonzalez is a Chicago-based professional MMA wrestler. She has a total of 6 victories and 2 loses in professional wrestling. Gonzalez, who trains at the ‘San Diego Combat Academy,’ will fight again in October of this year. Since 2012, she has been a professional wrestler. She was 21 at the time. Pearl has competed in eight fights as an amateur and has only lost one. She competes in the XFC, Ring of Combat, and XFC promotions on a regular basis. She was recently in the news after being withdrawn from UFC 210, which was meant to be her UFC debut in Buffalo, New York, due to breast implants. However, UFC President Diane White has stated that the fight will take place, and Pearl will be a part of it. She added that making her UFC debut had been a lifelong dream of hers, and that she had been practicing extremely hard for several years to achieve her goal. Pearl is determined to make a name for herself in MMA wrestling, despite her inexperience. In 2008, she was also crowned ‘Inaugural XFC Flying Weight Champion’ and ‘Golden Gloves Champion.’ Beyonce, Serena Williams, Ben Greenfield, and GSP are among her idols.

Childhood and Adolescence

Pearl Gonzales was born in Chicago, Illinois on August 12, 1986. Because both of her parents were drug users, she had a tough upbringing. Her parents were homeless when she was a child, so she and her younger sister would often wander the streets without supervision or advice from their parents. For survival, she even joined local gangs.
Due to her mother’s drug addiction, she and her sister were taken from her mother and raised by their father as a single parent.

Pearl was introduced to wrestling when she was 11 years old, when her father decided to enroll her in an after-school sport to keep her out of trouble. She found something to do after school, and a few months later, she had her first fight (Pankration V.Canada). At the age of 17, she left her father’s home to fend for herself. However, it wasn’t as simple as it seems. At the age of 18, she committed a robbery and was sentenced to prison. She claims that she spent 9 days in jail and that her experience there taught her that she was meant to achieve something meaningful with her life and that she determined to change her life.

She rescued her younger sister from gang life and supported her by doing two or three jobs, including as a veterinary assistant and as an extra in movies, commercials, and prints. She was able to send her sister to high school, and she even received a diploma. She then opted to pursue a career in wrestling, and she now claims that all she has gone through has made her the woman she is today, and she has no regrets.

Career of Pearl

Pearl began her MMA career as an amateur in September 2008, and in 2012, she made her professional debut at the Ring’s of Combat 39 Event. In her debut fight, she faced Munah Holland and lost by majority decision. She defeated Suzie Montero by submission in ‘XFC 22: Crossing the Line’ in 2013. At ‘XFC 26: Night of the Champions,’ she arm locked UFC fighter Courtney Casey and won by submission once more. She then went on to become the ‘XFX Women’s Straweight Champion.’

She defeated Nikki Duncan by unanimous decision at XFO 55 in 2015. In the same year, she defeated Valleria Mejia via KTO at XFO 56: Outdoor Wars 11. She defeated Katie Anita Runyan by submission at XFS Heat. She defeated Katie Casmir by submission at ‘HFC: Kraus vs. Kapel’ in 2016. This victory in her career has given her the most notoriety. She made her UFC debut in 2017, losing by choke submission to Cynthia Calvillio at UFC 210.
Her next fight will be at UFC 216 on October 10th, 2017 against Poliana Botelho.

Achievements & Awards

The ‘Inaugural XFC Flyweight Champion’ is her title. In 2008, she was also named a ‘Golden Gloves Champion.’
In 2013, Gonzalez was crowned the ‘XFC Women Strawweight Champion.’

Personal Experiences of pearl

In May of 2013, she married Javier Keyser, a Navy officer, in Imperial Beach, California. On board the USS San Diego, her husband performed the US National Anthem. Her husband lives in San Diego, and she travels frequently for work. Before her UFC debut, she was embroiled in a dispute regarding breast implants. Rumors circulated that she would be withdrawn from the event, but it was later revealed that she was set to make her debut and that she was in the headlines more for her talent than anything else. She is also active on social media, with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.

Estimated Net Worth

Pearl Gonzalez has a net worth of $400 thousand dollars as a mixed martial artist in the United States. In August 1986, Pearl Gonzalez was born in Cicero, Illinois. She is a strawweight with a height of 5’4′′ and a weight of 115 pounds. Gonzalez had a 7 – 1 amateur record. In February 2012, she made her professional MMA debut, losing to Munah Holland at a Ring of Combat event.