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Blackpool, Lancashire
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Blackpool, Lancashire

English businessman Peter K. McMahon is most known for being the spouse of American political analyst Dana Marie Perino. The CEO of the American retail chain “Shopko,” with headquarters in Ashwaubenon, Wisconsin, is McMahon. As a seasoned businessman and entrepreneur, McMahon has partnered with numerous global corporations. He is regarded as an authority in a variety of subjects, including labor relations, supply chain management, and merchandising. By marrying Dana Perino, McMahon rose to fame and popularity. Former press secretary for the White House Dana is now a television analyst for “Fox News.”

Early Childhood & Life

In Blackpool, Lancashire, England, on June 6, 1954, Peter K. McMahon was born. He enrolled himself at the “University of Liverpool” after finishing high school. He earned a bachelor’s degree in “Business Administration and Management” from the university in 1976. Soon after finishing college, McMahon began working for the well-known grocery chain “Sainsbury’s,” which is now the second-largest in the UK, as the distribution and supply chain director. From 1992 through 2000, McMahon worked for the organization, traveling to Scotland, Northern England, and Ireland.

Career of Peter K. McMahon

After leaving “Sainsbury’s,” McMahon joined “Tesco,” a worldwide retailer of groceries and other goods that is currently the third-largest in the world. He started working for ‘Tesco’ in 2002 as the branch’s supply chain director in Central Europe. He moved to Germany when he joined the American retail behemoth “Walmart” in 2004. He was appointed CEO of “Loblaw Companies Limited,” the biggest food store in Canada, in 2006. Before joining the American department retailer “Shopko,” he worked for the Canadian business from 2006 until 2013. Since 2013, he has served as the President and CEO of “Shopko.” Peter K. McMahon is well known for his proficiency in a variety of sectors, including loss prevention, information technology, human resource management, and marketing.

Individual Life of Peter K. McMahon

In August 1997, Peter K. McMahon was traveling to Chicago when he met Dana Marie Perino. Because of their 18-year age difference, McMahon never imagined he would be able to date Dana. Dana, however, started things off by giving him her information. They both realized they had a strong connection with one another after spending some time together, so they immediately began dating. They were married in England in 1998 after a brief courtship, and then spent their 10-day honeymoon in Santorini, Greece.
McMahon and Dana relocated to the UK for a while before coming home to the US in November 2001. Dana later joined the White House staff and eventually rose to the position of press secretary, giving her the chance to work with the administration of the time’s president, George W. Bush. She was appointed by Barack Obama to the “Broadcasting Board of Governors” in 2010. Due to his marriage to Dana Perino, McMahon became well-known across the country. He even obtained American citizenship in 2006, after which he decided to reside in the country.

Prior to Dana Perino, Peter K. McMahon was married twice. He even has children from prior marriages, and one of them has made him a grandfather. Sebastian and Rachel McMahon’s grandchildren were introduced by Dana in 2012 at an occasion. In the UK, he has children and grandchildren. McMahon and Dana did not have any children together. Since their relationship began in 1997, McMahon and Dana have shared a Manhattan apartment with their dog, Jasper.

Let Me Tell You About Jasper, one of Dana’s books, featured McMahon in his first audiobook performance. Henry was the previous dog owned by McMahon and Dana; he once got McMahon into trouble. McMahon received a $25 punishment in 2007 for taking Henry for a leash-free walk. When McMahon didn’t pay the fine within the first 15 days of receiving the ticket, he was detained on April 12 for the infraction. After a day in detention, he was eventually let out.

Net worth of Peter K. McMahon

The estimated net worth of Peter K. McMahon is about $1 million.