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Samantha, a very seductive and stunning beauty YouTuber, is dominating YouTube with her channel “PiinkSparkles.” She is one of the most well-known fashion and cosmetics vloggers of all time, and she expects to reach one million subscribers in 2017. She now has over 910K subscribers on YouTube. She has 1172 videos on her channel, including instructional and shopping hauls. She is adored by her female followers, who look up to her for fashion advice, and is the object of lust for many young men. Sam, a nickname for Samantha, is a twenty-something who is extremely popular on Instagram. She posts beautiful photos of herself, and as a result, she has more than 164 K Instagram followers and a respectable 71.3 K Twitter fans. There are many Facebook pages devoted to this diva, and her original page has more than 22 K likes. Millions of people watch her channel to learn styling advice from this stunning lady, who motivates many to appear attractive.

The Epic Ascent to Stardom

Almost a year after starting her channel, Samantha posted her first beauty video in May 2010. The “3 quick and easy hairstyles for school” video provided instructions on how to create simple teen hairstyles. She garnered around 150K likes for her first video and rapidly racked up more than 5K subscribers.

She also has two more channels under the name “PinkBarbieDolly,” where she primarily posts routine vlogs and vegan recipes. She runs odd challenges on her second channel, “SockzVSBarbie,” which also features her brother Derek. She is also a style expert, frequently blogging on different fashion websites for the newest product evaluations and advice on makeup and accessories.

Why PiinkSparkles Is So Unique?

Samantha is not just hot and stunning, but also really caring and energetic. She conveys a highly upbeat demeanor and a strong sense of positivity in her videos. She is not arrogant and is really modest. She believed that a person’s genuine beauty was found in their soul, not only in their external looks.

She asserts that all women are stunning and that she is not unique. Her goal is to help every woman appreciate and feel secure in their own attractiveness. Like other women, she values appearance and follows a balanced diet to enhance her inherent attractiveness.

She also enjoys coloring her hair in a variety of colors and isn’t afraid to experiment with tattoos and body piercings. She is also fairly fearless as a result. She is upbeat, constantly learns from her mistakes, and wouldn’t change a thing.

Her Past Fame

Sam recalls participating in a variety of sports when she was younger, notably badminton, basketball, and volleyball, but these days she spends much of her time as a beauty vlogger. She thus no longer has the time to devote to performing sports. She enjoys maintaining a healthy lifestyle and eats veggies to refuel her body with nutrients.

Her favorite holiday film is “Four Christmases,” which she enjoys and can watch over and over. Breaking Bad is her favorite television program. She loves to travel, and one day she hopes to take her family on a global vacation. Her favorite hue is pink, which is clear from her channel name; she also enjoys pale blue. Vegetables stir-fried in oil are her favorite dish. She has a thing for tattoos because she also likes body art.

Behind The Scenes

Samantha, aka PiinkSparkles, was born in Canada. She refers to her mother Stacy, who is equally as lovely, as her “best friend.” They have a close relationship that is very solid, they don’t hold secrets from one another, and they always support one another when things are tough. She admires and appreciates her father and all he has accomplished.

Derrek, her younger brother, and Chelsey, her older sister, are her siblings. When she was little, she adored custard and was fiercely protective of her brother. As a teenager, she also watched a lot of television. She cherished playing with her classmates and going to school. In high school, she was among the most intelligent students in her math class.

She moved in with her boyfriend, Dalton, after previously living with her family. The pair is getting married soon and they have a puppy and a cat. Additionally, they both publish challenges on their joint YouTube channel, “The Challenge Chomp.” She still has the desire to take her mother to Australia, among other things.

Estimated Net Worth

One of the wealthiest and most well-known YouTube stars is PiinkSparkles. Our study of PiinkSparkles’s net worth from Forbes, Wikipedia, and Business Insider revealed a $5 million figure.


She considers MAC Cosmetics to be a composite brand that carries every cosmetic product imaginable that is tied to fashion.