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American YouTuber Poudii is well-known for the range of videos he uploads to his channel of the same name. He publishes videos for games, challenges, storytime, and practical jokes. Although Poudii has worked with several of his fellow YouTubers, his most well-known project was with Aden Liban, also known as blackcharcoal. Poudii is renowned for posting vine videos on his channel. In addition, he publishes interviews and comedic sketches. His incredibly amusing prank and challenge films have done a lot to boost Poudii’s popularity. Additionally, he has a ton of amusing reaction videos on his channel. Within a short amount of time, Poudii’s YouTube channel had more than 700,000 subscribers.

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YouTube’s Story of Poudii

Poudii was raised in a happy environment. He became friends with a group of guys who enjoyed pulling practical jokes on others when they were in school. Poudii used to pull pranks on people back then for amusement alone; he never intended to do so on social media.

After enrolling in college, he met boys who performed comic routines and rapped. Poudii began by rapping with his college friends and acting out a few comic sketch scripts that they had written. Poudii then began to watch YouTube channels, and the rising fame of comedy and vine videos encouraged him to keep up with the fad.

In 2015, he eventually launched his own YouTube account. In his debut video, he played a few people for fools by tricking them with his peculiar shopping list. In the second video, Poudii asked random Atlantans to critique him in a public interview without giving them a specific reason. He also played around with several of them. Later, he explained that he performed the act as a sociological experiment to see if people were actually interested in mocking and criticizing others.

Poudii continued his social experiments and posted a number of films. He also started posting videos of challenges, jokes, and comedy. At the conclusion of every one of his videos, Poudii would try to craft a hilarious yet profound message.

By performing a few practical jokes along the road, he also makes sure to include a fun factor in the videos. He claimed that viewing videos of “FatBoySSE” and other users on Instagram gave him the inspiration for this concept. Poudii then created a few joint videos with rapper and YouTuber Aden Liban, better known by his stage name “blackcharcoal.” The joint videos increased Poudii’s channel’s popularity even more.

The instant beverage brand “Kool-Aid” has been the subject of many videos released by Poudii. The video in which he poured 100 packets of Kool-Aid in a gallon of water with the intention of consuming it as soon as possible was the weirdest of them all. Then he and “blackcharcoal” performed a song parody. In a later video, Poudii accepted a dare and requested store personnel for a few peculiar and ridiculous goods that don’t exist! A video from blackcharcoal’s YouTube channel served as the source of this concept. Poudii also worked on the “Bean Boozled Challenge” video alongside Stephanie, another YouTuber.

To make his videos even more fascinating, Poudii also travels to other nations. He once traveled to Venice to perform humorous interviews with random people. Poudii has also published numerous videos of challenges and responses.

Individual Life of Poudii

Poudii was born in Brooklyn, New York City, on February 16, 1999. He relocated to Los Angeles, California, in March 2017 so that he could work with “blackcharcoal” on additional joint videos. Poudii has kept his parents and other family members largely private. Poudii appears to be single right now. The YouTuber, though, has never discussed his love life.

Estimated net worth

Poudii has a net worth of between $1 and $5 million. He made the most money thanks to his status as a paid YouTube celebrity.