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Detroit, Michigan

Queen Naija is an American YouTuber and singer who co-founded the ‘Chris and Queen’ YouTube channel with her ex-husband, Christopher Sails. Her ex-husband and she created vlogs, pranks, challenges, and other videos for the channel. The channel has since been deactivated, and she now has her own YouTube account. Naija, an ex-contestant on American Idol, rose to popularity and recognition as a result of her singing ability, which paved the road for her future career. Naija launched her YouTube channel shortly after being booted from the contest. She demonstrated her remarkable singing abilities and even hinted at her capacity to vlog through her channel. She quickly rose to fame on the internet. Her relationship with Chris, their marriage, and ultimately their high-profile tragic breakup gained her a sizable fan base, which appears to be growing by the day. Her most recent work, ‘Medicine,’ which details the events that lead to her divorce from Chris, has propelled Naija to new heights in her career. The song has over 56,000 Genius pageviews and has become a great hit. On Genius’ Top Songs ranking, it rose to number 31. It also demonstrates how new-age YouTube stars use personal turmoil in their posts and videos to maintain interest among their subscribers and followers.

Ascend to the Top

Queen Naija rose to prominence after competing in the eighth season of American Idol. Despite the fact that her vocal ability helped her get through the audition phase, she couldn’t last long enough in the Hollywood round and was removed during the Top 15 selection. Naija began focusing on her YouTube business after her ‘Idol’ days were over. She launched a self-titled YouTube account where she recorded vlogs about her story time, music, and makeup. She launched a YouTube channel called ‘Chris and Queen’ with her boyfriend Chris. The pair shared videos of themselves vlogging, playing pranks, and challenging one another on social media. By looking after her account, Chris offered her with managerial help. He was also a part of the videos. Their love, however, was short-lived, and the two parted ways. The ‘Chris and Queen’ channel has since been deactivated.

Their divorce became a hot topic in the media. Through a series of films, the two accused each other of cheating. On December 31, 2017, Naija released a song called “Medicine” in which she vented her frustrations. The song has more than 13 million followers and has become a tremendous hit. The song’s lyrics reveal Naija’s emotional state, Chris’ adultery, and her drive for vengeance. ‘Medicine’ was created specifically to stir up controversy and garner millions of followers, which it accomplished.

Personal Experiences of Queen Naija

Queen Naija was born in Detroit, Michigan, on October 17, 1995. Her parents’ information is not available in the public domain. Tina and Terrell, her younger siblings, have a joint YouTube channel called Tina & Terrell. Though there is no particular information on her academic qualifications, it is reported that Naija met her future husband, Christopher Sails, in high school. Chris and Naija first met in April 2013 at a basketball game at school. The couple married in 2017, four years after they started dating. They have a son, Chris, who they named after him.

They were not only life partners, but also YouTube partners. Chris was not only the channel’s manager, but he was also a regular participant in the videos that were released online. ‘cheating joke on wife’ is the title of his most famous video. Chris and Naija’s friendly relationship, however, did not endure long, and the two parted ways. Their widely publicized divorce thrust the two back into the spotlight, as they addressed their relationship troubles in a vlog video.

Estimated Net Worth

 Queen Naija has an estimated net worth of about $2.74 million.