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Quinn Lundberg is a Canadian businesswoman, policy advocate, and charity worker who is most known for being the wife of Zach Galifianakis, an American actor, comedian, and writer. She co-founded the nonprofit group ‘Growing Voices’ in 2013 with Melissa Leschuck to give people a voice in the fight against mental health stigma and discrimination. She co-founded the educational business platform LOOM with Erica Chidi Cohen in 2016, which offers a completely new inclusive and choice-based approach to health education. She previously worked for UNICEF, traveling around the world to promote long-term community development in underdeveloped countries. Working to end domestic abuse in North Carolina and contributing to the construction of a community center in rural Malawi are two of her other philanthropic endeavors. She also earned a master’s degree in public policy to aid her career. While she is quite busy in her own industry and wants to keep out of the spotlight, she occasionally attends Hollywood events with her spouse. During a tour to Bosnia, she was allowed to show off her routines in front of Canadian peacekeeping troops.

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Ascend to the Top

Quinn Lundberg used to be a professional dancer, but she later relocated to New York City to further her schooling. She met Melissa Leschuck, who would later become her business partner, and worked with UNICEF at the United Nations at this time. She and Leschuck founded the nonprofit organization ‘Growing Voices’ in 2013, with the goal of assisting local leaders in creating long-term community transformation. She has traveled to a number of underdeveloped countries throughout the world to acquire information on how to build community in isolated locations. She earned a master’s degree in public policy with a specialization in international and nonprofit policy to enhance her education. Lundberg, who is often inspired by women who manage a plethora of responsibilities within a system that places institutional barriers in their way, went on to co-found the educational business platform LOOM in 2016 in Los Angeles, California, with the goal of “empowering people as they navigate their sexual, reproductive, and parenting experience.” She is also the company’s Chief of Social Impact and has worked with people from various backgrounds. Nonetheless, she did not garner international media notice until after her marriage to Zach Galifianakis in 2012.

Personal Experiences of Quinn Lundberg

Quinn Lundberg was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, in 1983 as Mary Quinn Lundberg. Charlie Clarke, one of her cousins, is the mayor of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. She grew up spending a lot of time outside and went trekking frequently as a child. She studied ballet and modern dance, and in her early twenties, she worked as a professional dancer. She finally moved to New York City to teach dance while also pursuing an undergraduate degree in International Conflict Resolution at Hunter College. In 2010, she received her diploma from the CUNY Baccalaureate Program in New York City. She embarked on a globe journey after finishing her degree, visiting various third-world nations, which led her to create the nonprofit organization Growing Voices. In 2014, she returned to school and earned a Master’s degree in Public Policy from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

Zach Galifianakis’s relationship

Quinn Lundberg had been in a long-distance relationship with Zach Galifianakis, which only became public after the couple married on August 11, 2012, in a secret 30-minute ceremony at the UBC Farm in Vancouver, British Columbia. According to visitors, Zach had drawn himself as a troll and his wife as a lovely tall blonde princess on the invitation cards. The two always go out of their way to keep their personal lives private, as evidenced by the fact that they kept their baby boy’s name a secret after his birth on September 7, 2013. Zach had to cancel the premiere of his film “Are You Here” in order to be with her during the birth.
In response to the fact that the child’s name has remained a mystery, Zach joked that they call him ‘it’ at home and are waiting for him to turn 16 and choose a name for himself. On November 7, 2016, they welcomed another son, but this time they failed to disguise the baby’s name, which was exposed by the media to be Rufus Emmanuel Lundberg. The couple hopes to raise their children on a farm in Sparta, North Carolina, in northern Alleghany County. Lundberg, who has a successful profession outside of the entertainment sector, isn’t thrilled with the increased attention she receives as a result of her star spouse, but she fully supports him in his attempts.