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Bhaktapur, Nepal,

Rabi Lamichhane is a politician and former journalist in Nepal. He was born on June 11, 1975. He served as the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Home Affairs in Pushpa Kamal Dahal’s government. Since April 28, 2023, he has represented Chitwan 2 in the House of Representatives. He previously served as its representative from December 2022 to January 2023.

A career in the media

As the host of a News24 television program that attempted to break the record for the longest marathon hosting of a television program in April 2013, broadcaster Lamichhane shot to stardom. He chose the “Buddha was born in Nepal” subject to “assist Nepal in promoting itself globally.” The previous record was established in 2011 by two Ukrainian broadcasters who broadcast continuously for 52 hours. He fielded calls from viewers and conducted interviews with journalists, politicians, and celebrities. While he broke the Guinness world record in April 2013 with a presentation lasting more than 62 hours, Alexandru Raducanu of Romania recently held a show that lasted more than 72 hours.

Lamichhane later hosted the well-liked Sidha Kura Pradhanmantri Sanga (Straight Talk with the Prime Minister) on Nepal Television and News 24 with Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli. Later, he hosted Straight Talk with the People on News 24 as Sidha Kura Janata Sanga. As part of the framework of the program, Lamichhane delivers an editorial monologue in addition to reporting, primarily using sting reporting, a style popularized by the Indian news publication Tehelka. Following up on allegations from regular people, primarily those who have been the victims of fraud or corruption, Lamichhane confronts the suspected offenders in front of the camera. According to critics, the program fosters “a cult of personality around its host” and is “unapologetically nationalist, at times simplistic in its coverage of complex issues.” In January 2021, Lamichhane announced his resignation from News24 and the beginning of a new iteration of his program under the name Sidha Kura on Galaxy 4K TV.

Legal problems of Rabi Lamichhane

Police detained Lamichhane from his News 24 office on August 15, 2019, in relation to the death of journalist Shalikram Pudasaini. Pudasaini, who had previously worked for News24, had mentioned Lamichhane in a video he had made just before committing suicide. Lamichhane and two other people were charged by Chitwan police with aiding suicide. Thousands of young people took to the streets in Chitwan in response to his detention, which sparked nationwide protest marches in his defense. Protesters perceived Lamichhane’s detention as an effort to restrict his journalism and as payback for his revelation of official wrongdoing. A few days later, Lamichhane was freed on a Rs 500,000 bail.

Lamichhane was ultimately exonerated of all accusations by the court.

Citizenship of Rabi Lamichhane

From 2007 to 2017, Lamichhane was a citizen of the United States. He asserted that after enunciating his American citizenship, his former Nepali citizenship was reinstated. He was removed from all public offices (Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister; Party Chairman and Party Parliamentary Leader; and Member of Parliament) by an order of the Supreme Court of Nepal on January 27, 2023, for failing to follow the law and obtaining a new Nepali citizenship after renunciation his American citizenship in 2017. On January 29, 2023, he obtained Nepalese citizenship once again by following the correct procedures.

Career in politics

Lamichhane made his intention to run for a seat in the House of Representatives in the 2022 general elections known on June 16, 2022, when he announced his resignation from Galaxy 4K TV. On June 21, 2022, he declared the Rashtriya Swatantra Party, a new political party, to be formed. From Chitwan 2, he declared himself a candidate. On November 13, 2022, in Chitwan, as he was campaigning, his automobile was vandalized.

Rabi Lamichhane

Rabi Lamichhane

Umesh Shrestha of the Nepali Congress, an incumbent minister of state, and Krishna Bhakta Pokhrel of the CPN (UML), an incumbent member of the seat, lost to Lamichhane by a margin of 34,312 votes. Lamichhane headed the RSP in government as deputy prime minister and minister for home affairs after the election, and his party backed Pushpa Kamal Dahal’s nomination for prime minister. He was sworn in on December 26, 2022. In the past, Ravi had organized various efforts to oppose Dahal.

During his campaign for the general election of 2022, a complaint was submitted requesting the withdrawal of his candidacy. The complainant asserted that dual citizenship is not permitted in Nepal and that he had not relinquished his Nepali citizenship while also holding American citizenship. The Supreme Court of Nepal concluded on January 27, 2022, that Lamichhane was not a legitimate Nepalese citizen since he had not obtained his Nepali citizenship through the proper channels after giving up his American citizenship. Lamichhane’s role as deputy prime minister and minister of home affairs was effectively removed by this ruling. Two days later, he regained his Nepali citizenship.

After regaining Nepali citizenship, he ran in the April 2023 by-election for his seat, Chitwan 2, and won with a margin of victory that was even higher than in the regular election of 2022.

Criticism of Rabi Lamichhane

Although Lamichhane has gained notoriety in Nepal, others have questioned his journalistic approach and the “cult of personality” that has developed around him. Critics have criticized his “nationalist posturing” and “simplistic storylines” despite the fact that his techniques have produced results for the common people on whose behalf he investigates cases of fraud and corruption.

Lamichhane attended a news conference on February 5, 2023, and claimed that the Nepali mainstream media had framed him after the Supreme Court had removed him from his roles as Home Minister and Member of Parliament due to issues with his citizenship. He claimed that the owners of publications like Kantipur Publications, Annapurna Media, Setopati, and Onlinekhabar had banded together to smear him because they each had their own conflicts of interest. The media referred to Lamichhane’s charges as an “attack on the entire media industry” and claimed that he had lost his anger after losing his government positions.

Private life of Rabi Lamichhane

Prior to divorcing in 2019, Rabi Lamichhane and Isha Lamichhane were wed for 24 years. Ten years had passed after their separation before they got divorced. On January 21, 2019, he wed the head of the Nepal Film Development Board, Nikita Poudel. Two daughters were born to Lamichhane and his first wife.

Estimated net worth

The salary of Rabi Lamichhane ranges from $50k to $70k each month, and you may estimate his annual net worth, which ranges from 600k to $1 million.