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The online persona of well-known American internet personality Ezra goes by RaccoonEggs. He is primarily recognized for his work as a YouTube game analyst and for playing “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.” His major break through came when he connected with Fitz, another gamer, on his surf server. Fitz not only enjoyed RaccoonEggs’ stuff, but he also exposed him to a variety of other players. After that, RaccoonEggs began working with other players, which helped him become more well-known. Presently, he is the owner of two millions-subscribed YouTube channels. He is well-liked on other social media networks as well. He went to VidCon US, which was held in June 2018 at the “Anaheim Convention Center” in California.

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Childhood & Career of RaccoonEggs

Born on January 10, 2000, in America, RaccoonEggs is an American citizen. Growing up, he had a fantasy of becoming an internet celebrity. In an effort to fulfill his childhood ambition, he started his YouTube account when he was fifteen years old. He gave his channel the name “RaccoonEggs” in reference to an old practical joke that he and his pals would frequently crack. In his debut video, some raccoons were included. After thereafter, he uploaded a variety of videos before focusing on posting footage of games.

His humorous and captivating content quickly attracted fans to his channel. “CS: Go Surf in a Nutshell,” “CS: Go While High,” “Sleep Deprived Rainbow Six,” “CS: Go Antics,” “Why I Love CS: Go Surf,” and “Making People Laugh in CS: Go” are a few of the most popular videos on his channel.

RaccoonEggs launched his second YouTube channel, “RaccoonEggstra,” on February 2, 2018. RaccoonEggs occasionally does live video streams on Twitch, where he has amassed over 32,000 followers. In addition, he enjoys popularity on Twitter and Instagram, among other social networking sites. His Instagram account has over 54,000 followers, whilst his Twitter page has over 128,000 followers. He is also active on Discord, a well-known video game community-focused proprietary freeware VoIP program. In 2018, RaccoonEggs went to the “VidCon US” in California. His voice and gaming talents have made him one of the most popular gaming commentators on YouTube right now, with one of the quickest growth rates.

Individual Life of RaccoonEggs

RaccoonEggs says he uses marijuana for personal purposes. He occasionally puffs on some marijuana before posting a video. It wasn’t until July 8, 2018, that he uploaded a video titled “Face Reveal,” revealing his genuine identity. RaccoonEggs took off his mask in the video to show his face to his audience. Even though he didn’t originally intend to turn YouTube into a job, he is now thinking about doing it full-time. RaccoonEggs was inspired to think about a profession in social media by his channel’s quick ascent to over a million subscribers. Fitz and Kryoz, two other well-known figures on social media, are buddies with him.

Net worth of RaccoonEggs

The estimated net worth of RaccoonEggs is about $1 million.