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Eugene, Oregon

RadioJH Popular YouTuber Audrey plays Minecraft and evaluates toys. Youths like Audrey who evaluate the newest toys on YouTube are in a way assisting the toy industry in growing sales of toys at a time when sales of toys have stagnated due to electronic gadgets. The toy industry may once again celebrate due to the persuasive abilities of children like Audrey who can sell nearly any toy! In addition to playing the video game Minecraft, Audrey evaluates toys. The biggest toy companies in the world are also considering airing Audrey’s YouTube video show on television. The designers of toys have acknowledged that Audrey and other well-known young celebrities are able to engage with viewers of internet video programs similar to those Audrey hosts. RadioJH Radiojh and RadioJHGames are Audrey’s two YouTube channels at the moment. She reviews toys in her videos and uploads them to both of her channels.

What Is the Popularity of RadioJH Audrey?

Despite being young, Audrey, often known as the Tween Queen, gives the toys a little more adult evaluation. When she was only nine years old, she posted her debut video, Monster High Collection 2012, to YouTube. Audrey typically introduces and evaluates toys that are gender-neutral. She also tells fantastic stories. There are more than 703k subscribers and 60 million views on Audrey’s “Radiojh” channel.

The video “New Shopkins Season 3 Surprise Present Toy Opening and Mystery Blind Bags” is one of the most watched on this channel. which, as of June 2017, had received over 3.8 million views. In this video, Audrey displayed the toys that the Shopkins brand had given her as a surprise gift. Another of her most popular videos, “Toy Hunting – Monster High, Ever After High, Moshlings and Minecraft,” has almost 3 million views.

With over 800k subscribers, her other station, “RadioJHGames,” is also highly well-liked. She posts game videos for children on this channel, which is the gaming channel. She plays Roblox most of the time, but she occasionally adds videos of Minecraft.

The channel had over 250 million views as of the beginning of 2017. Over 9.8 million people have seen one of her videos on this channel, “ROBLOX FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY’S ANIMATRONIC WORLD,” which she released in May 2016.

Audrey’s Individual Life

Audrey, who resides in Eugene, Oregon, was born on August 2, 2003. RadioJH Auto is the name of her brother. Audrey is a hip young lady who sports colorful hair streaks, heavy jewelry, and studded t-shirts. She uses adjectives like “cool” and “amazing” regularly. She wants to become an artist. When she grows older, she is determined to work as an animator because she wants to pursue art and drawing professionally.

Estimated Net Worth

One of the wealthiest and most well-known YouTube stars is RadioJH. According to our research, RadioJH Audrey is worth $5 million according to Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider.