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Birth Sign

Raegan Beast is a well-known YouTuber, Musical.ly (now called TikTok) celebrity, and muser. On TikTok, a social media platform for messaging, video creation, and broadcasting, he has posted numerous music compilations. His fan name is RazzlejBeast. He is well known for dancing and lip-syncing to songs by well-known singers like Taylor Swift, B. o. B, MNM, and Katty Perry in music compilation videos. Additionally, he uploads singing videos to his “RaeganBeast” YouTube channel. Raegan was born a girl but felt more like a boy, leading to his transition to being FTM (Female-to-male). Raegan also hosts live discussions and streams her shows on YouNow. A video was uploaded by Raegan Beast. Jaegan uploaded duets on his Instagram account, singing the complete version of the Trans-Song with lines like “Yeah I am a trans now you figured.” Raegan has joined the label of the business thanks to Matt Dugan, president of Envisioned Partners. Other web influencers like Piper Rockelle, Hali’a Beamer, and Kristen Hancher have also been represented by Envisioned Partners. Raegan would take part in two Weekend Rush tours, which would take place in Toronto and Los Angeles, according to Matt Dugan of the “Daily Dugan” program.

Become a Star

On March 12, 2012, Raegan Beast opened a Twitter account and posted the message “im new to this twitta world.” He currently has over 22,000 followers on this account. More than 700 people liked his tweet, which read, “There is never something nice or terrible, but our brains that make things such.” He is well-known for his compilation videos, bouts with Justin Blake on TikTok, and mixes. In his TikTok account, he has 0.5 million admirers, over a thousand followers, and about 1700 likes.

He became well-known on TikTok thanks to the charming and bizarre expressions he included in his compilations. Raegan Beast provided advice, tactics, and shortcuts for improving Musica. in his video titled “How to Transitions.” lyvideos In this report, he has also performed the “Moana song” while playing the guitar.

YouTuber Raegan is currently popular. For his YouTube channel, he has recorded two songs: an original called “Purpose” and a cover of “I’ll Never Let You Go.” Along with internet sensation Kristen Hancher, he lip-synced to John Mayer’s song “Changing” in a video that was uploaded. In his YouTube channel’s “Razzlez React” section, Raegan responds to other users’ posts on TikTok and Instagram in a lighthearted manner. He displays all of the gifts that his admirers have sent him in the PO Box Opening video, and he also answers their letters. He’s performed in PO Boxshows alongside Kale Blaze. In this account, Raegan Beast sang the song “Must be doin something right.” He currently has 52,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel.

On July 24, 2014, Raegan Beast created his YouNow account, “77 Razzlez Beast.” He has more than 70,000 YouNow admirers and broadcasts live there as well. On October 6, 2016, Raegan joined Wattapad, and as of right now, she has more than a thousand followers. He traveled to Portland for a social convention at Wizard World, where the star’s followers were thrilled to see him. Additionally, Raegan Beast runs a clothing brand that he sells through the online retailer MerchNow.com.

Behind the Scenes

Raegan Beast was born in the United States on November 19, 1999. His sun sign is the Scorpio. When he was a young child, he sang the song “Beauty and the Beast.” When he was 12 years old, he realized he was a transgender man who had transitioned from being a woman. Although Raegan Beast’s mother has always been supportive, his father first had doubts about his transsexual identity. His younger siblings are number seven. Rizzy Beast, his younger half-brother, and he have worked together on several videos, and they are very close. His parents are currently separated.

Raegan attended school alongside social media sensations Jack and Kale Blaze while she resided in Maryland. He once dated Vera, a bisexual woman, but the two later broke up. From late 2016 to the beginning of 2017, Raegan and Justin Blake were in a gay relationship that ended in divorce. The couple was referred to as “Jaegans” together and was frequently seen kissing in TikTok videos. (TikTok star Justin Blake is also a female to male transgender.) Raegan Beast has not given any explanations for their split, and she has said that they are still the greatest of friends and neither of them cheated. Raegan has currently relocated to Los Angeles to further his singing career.

Estimated net worth

As an internet superstar, the gifted star is definitely making a sizable sum of money. His TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram social media channels are his main sources of income. His estimated net worth as of 2022 ranges between $100,000 and $1 million. Raegan currently resides in his Los Angeles home with his dog. He is really modest, thus he doesn’t flaunt his cars.