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Ray William Johnson, one of YouTube’s first stars, is a multi-talented multi-talented multi-talented multi-talented multi-talented multi-talented multi-talented multi The 37-year-old American is a multi-talented performer who has worked as an actor, director, comedian, playwright, producer, and rapper. His first taste of popularity came in 2009, when he starred in the now-cult show ‘Equals Three.’ Since then, he has dabbled in a variety of similar sectors, with varying degrees of success in each. His talent, however, has not been restricted to YouTube, as he has been in or been linked with a number of online series and documentaries. Despite being dark and frequently raw in many respects, his unique programming has captivated audiences of all ages all around the world. He has collaborated with a lot of celebrities and other YouTube stars as a result of his notoriety, including Snoop Dogg and Robin Williams, to name a few.

Childhood and Adolescence

Ray William Johnson was born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on August 14, 1981. He spent his entire childhood in Norman, and in 1999, he graduated from Norman North High School.Ray went to Columbia University to study history after graduating from high school in 1999.

He aspired to be a lawyer at first, but that never happened.He had a creative streak when he was a freshman in college. He launched a YouTube channel and began posting video blogs on a variety of topics. With only 30 subscribers at the time, the channel, which has since been deactivated, was not a major hit.

Career of william

Ray’s YouTube career began in April 2009 with the launch of his own channel. He began releasing videos in the ‘Equals Three (=3)’ series. Ray gained an overnight celebrity as a result of it. A series of videos were released as part of the series, with each video commenting on a popular YouTube video. His witty, sardonic, and frequently gloomy criticism struck a chord with millions of people around the world.The series went on to set numerous milestones and records during its run. His YouTube channel, ‘Ray William Johnson,’ was the first to reach the five-million-subscriber threshold.Since then, the number of people who subscribe to his channel has been steadily increasing.

The total number of views on his channel has surpassed 3 billion. ‘Equal Three’ was so popular that for nearly two years (2011-2013), it had the largest number of subscribers on the platform. Ray made history when he became the first YouTube millionaire in early 2012. Ray made history when he became the first YouTube millionaire in early 2012.That isn’t to imply that everything went smoothly the entire time.His videos drew harsh criticism and unfavorable reviews from a subset of commentators who thought they were too raunchy to be classified as comedy.Ray’s meteoric rise was not slowed by these criticisms, which were few and few between.

Despite the critiques, some of which alleged that Ray was infringing on copyright by adding content for existing popular videos, Ray proceeded to do what he does best: make videos. In 2011, he collaborated with Maker Studios, who provided him with a set in Culver City, California. Ray used to make the videos in his New York City residence before that.Later same year, Ray debuted ‘Igual a Tres,’ a Spanish version of his smash show ‘Equals Three.’ This program was warmly appreciated by the Spanish-speaking population, albeit not breaking the roof like the original.They started another YouTube channel called ‘Your Favorite Martian’ at the same time, where they made amusing animated videos.

However, there was soon trouble in paradise when Ray had a huge falling out with the Maker Studios producers about the channel’s stakes. The studio apparently demanded a 40 percent share from his prior shows and a 50 percent ownership in ‘Your Favorite Martian’s Intellectual Property. Ray, naturally, refused to sign the contract, and the two split up in October 2012.Soon after, Ray established Equals Three Studio, which he still runs today. The rift between him and Maker Studios, on the other hand, exacerbated the deteriorating quality of his content and videos, resulting in Ray’s growth curve plummeting for the first time in years.

Ray ventured into new sectors when the sitcom ‘Equals Three’ was canceled in March 2014. Later, with Robby Motz as the new host, the show was re-aired. Equals Three had over 2.6 billion views and over 10 million subscribers at the time of his departure.The next item on Ray’s to-do list was a five-part video series dubbed ‘Riley Rewind.’ This series, which was released exclusively on Facebook, was incredibly well received by fans and reviewers alike, and was viewed over 10 million times. His Facebook page has a following of over 7 million people as of 2017.He was also co-hosting a podcast with his then-girlfriend, Anna Akana, called ‘Runaway Thoughts.’

The podcast was a hit, gaining a spot on Variety’s Top Podcasts of 2013 list.Ray has been active with other works under his label in the years since. He’s worked on a variety of projects as an actor, director, writer, and producer, among other things. Booze Lightyear, Top 6, Comedians on, and Date Debate are some of the programmes that have broadcast under his banner.Aside from his own films, Ray has been a part of a number of other studios’ productions. In Marker Studio’s ‘Epic Rap Battles of History,’ he provided the voice of Boba Fett as well as a detailed representation of Goku.

He’s also appeared in films like “Who’s Driving Doug” and “Jay and Silent Bob’s Super Groovy Cartoon Movie.” The Professionals, The Annoying Orange, Breaking NYC, Breaking LA, The Fluffy Movie, Manson Family Vacation, and We Love You are among his other credits.Ray founded the Mom & Pop Empire, a film production company, with his former Equals Three colleague Kaja Martin in 2015. They’ve been working on a documentary to reveal the cable monopoly’s sinister side.

Recognition & Awards

Ray’s web series ‘Riley Rewind’ received critical acclaim, landing him in the seventh slot on Variety magazine’s Best Web Series of 2013 list.He was also named to the coveted Hollywood Reporter’s “Comedy Class of 2013” list.Personal

Experiences of William

Ray has managed to keep his personal life relatively low profile despite being one of the most popular YouTube celebrities. He does have a younger sibling with whom he shares a tight relationship.He dated Anna Akana, a YouTube co-star, but the relationship ended quickly.He is currently thought to be dating Kelly Farral, whom he has been dating since 2016.

Estimated Net Worth

Ray William Johnson has a net worth of $10 million and is an American comedian. Ray William Johnson’s net worth is derived from his wildly successful YouTube channel. Ray William Johnson’s YouTube channel has one of the highest subscriber counts. There are over 4.7 million subscribers and 1.3 billion video views on the channel. According to an industry journal, Johnson had six of the top twenty most watched videos in February 2011.