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Rebecca Trujillo is a YouTuber from the United States who rose to prominence as Rocco Piazza’s closest friend and nanny. Rocco Piazza is a well-known motorcycle rider and hip-hop artist. Rebecca was Rocco’s babysitter for over four years and appeared in many of his vlogs. She would also create vlogs for the Piazzas. In June 2017, she chose to launch her own YouTube channel. She chose to leave the Piazzas and concentrate solely on her channel. She began by posting videos about her personal life and gradually expanded to include other fun tasks that would attract a larger audience. Her channel grew in popularity as a result of her relationship with Rocco, and she soon had a large number of followers. She currently has over 147k followers and 6 million views. She is also well-known on Instagram, where she has over 100,000 fans.

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Ascend to Glory

Rebecca Trujillo began as a babysitter for Emma and Rocco Piazza before becoming a caregiver. She would reside with them as a nanny, and the Piazzas would cover all of her expenses. She chose to take this because she was dealing with family issues, and Holly, Rocco, and Emma’s mother decided to act as a mother figure for her. She later began appearing in Rocco’s vlogs, which were hugely famous.

She was frequently seen in family videos and photos. She was also compensated for editing and uploading the family’s vlogs. However, she decided to leave her job due to personal differences with Holly, and she stayed unpaid until the end.

In 2017, she chose to start her own YouTube channel by posting a video. It was titled ‘The Truth…Why I Left Rocco Piazza Vlogs,’ and chronicled her departure from the family’s vlogs while also revealing the reality behind her decision. She began her own YouTube business.

Following Rebecca’s divorce from her family, a large number of people began to rally behind her. She started by uploading videos of her boyfriend and their friendship, and then she started posting challenge videos. These videos were very famous, which encouraged her to keep uploading videos.

Her most popular videos include ‘My Sibling is Anthony from TEAM 10?’ ‘Song Lyric Prank Gone Wrong!,’ and ‘Interviewing my Ex-Boyfriend & His Girlfriend. Rebecca Trujillo has worked as a model in addition to being involved on social media. She recently modeled for Victoria’s Secret in Laguna Beach, California.

Rebecca is currently pursuing her graduation and a career as a counselor because she enjoys chatting to people and assisting them in understanding their behaviors. She is also very famous on Instagram and Twitter. She has over 100k Instagram followers, and her account features her travels as well as photos of her family and friends.

Scandals and debates

Rebecca Trujillo chose to quit the Piazza family because Holly used to spread rumors behind her back about Rebecca constantly misusing the family’s money and frequently failing to perform her duties as a nanny. Holly was also unhappy with Rebecca’s relationship with her Marine partner, Shaun Wood because it meant that Rebecca’s schedule would be disrupted, which would interfere with the family’s plans. She then threw Rebecca out of the home for failing to pay her rent.

Holly created recordings of Rebecca in poor lighting. She also spread false stories on Instagram in an attempt to harm Rebecca’s image. Despite numerous efforts at reconciliation, Holly and Rebecca did not get along. Rebecca finally made the decision to abandon her family. She has mentioned, however, that she adores Rocco and would always want to be there for him.

Rebecca’s Private Affairs

Rebecca Trujillo was born in Corona, California on May 21, 1996. She has stated that she has a younger sibling and a sister. Rebecca is a self-professed beach lover who enjoys spending time near the water. She also enjoys viewing sports and can easily become engrossed in them. She was a high school basketball player. She is presently involved with Shaun Wood, a United States Marine. They recently announced their engagement and plan to marry shortly. She lives in California and recently bought her dream car, a Volkswagen Jetta SE.

Estimated Net Worth

Rebecca is one of the wealthiest Instagram stars and one of the most famous Instagram stars. Rebecca Trujillo’s net worth is $5 million, according to Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider.


Rebecca Trujillo is acquainted with YouTube celebrity Taylor Alesia and has interviewed her in one of her videos. Rebecca clarified that she is not Anthony Trujillo’s sibling.