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Think back One of the very few female rappers to achieve success in the American hip hop industry is Mackie, well known by her stage name Remy Ma. Mackie is an American rapper. After listening to her rhymes and poems, rapper Big Pun sought her out and invited her to join his rap group, “Terror Squad.” In 2000, Columbia Records signed Remy. Her first claim to fame was the M.O.P. song “Ante Up Remix,” and with that, she made her debut in the American hip-hop scene, showcasing her vocal prowess and distinctive approach to rap lyrics. When Remy’s first album, “There’s Something About Remy: Based on a True Story,” was published in 2006, it quickly became popular and gained recognition because of hits like “Whateva” and “Conceited.” She received a prison sentence just as her career was taking off, and she served the first six years of an eight-year sentence in prison. After being freed in 2014, she began working on her next album and collaborated with musicians like DJ Khaled and Rick Ross.

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Early Life & Childhood

Remy Ma was born Reminisce Mackie on May 30, 1981, in an African neighborhood in the Bronx, New York. Because drug addiction ran in her family, she had to endure a lot of hardships in her early years and was put in charge of looking after her siblings at a young age. She loved poetry and began composing it as a teenager to escape the world outside of her and to maintain her sanity in the middle of a crazy neighborhood.

Remy began rap fighting in school and was a gifted student. Her poetry, which she incorporated into her rap songs, immediately made her renowned. She spent much of her time engaging in rap battles with her classmates. She advanced to competing against professional rappers shortly after and rose to fame in her community as a freestyle rapper.

As soon as the news got out, Remy began producing mixtapes, which were occasionally played at local nightclubs. Remy’s career took off after MC Big Pun tracked her down and gave her a spot in his rap group, “Terror Squad,” where she learned strategies for becoming a famous rapper.

The career of Remy Ma

Before Pun saw Remy Ma as one of the most up-and-coming rappers he had ever seen, they had numerous freestyle sessions. Pun later became Remy Ma’s mentor. Ma initially appeared in the tracks “Ms. Martin” and “You Was wrong” from Pun’s album “Yeeeah Baby.” Under the name Remy Martin, she made an appearance on the album.

Following the sudden death of Big Pun, Fat Joe assumed the role of preparing Ma for a career in rapping. As a consequence, SRC, his label, and Universal signed her. A couple more tracks from her debut album topped multiple lists, and one of her early hits, “Lean Back,” earned her a Grammy nomination. Among them were “Whateva,” “Conceited,” and “Feels so Good.” Her debut album, “There’s Something About Remy: The True Story,” was released in 2006.

Despite her inexperience at the time, the album sold 37,000 copies in its first week and was well-received by critics from Billboard to Rolling Stone to XXL Magazine. After it was discovered that Remy had been involved in a shooting incident in 2007, she was forced to see the prison’s face. It struck right as her career was taking off.

After being freed from prison in 2014, she promptly resumed recording music, but primarily through partnerships with other rappers. Remy gained notoriety while incarcerated in an unexpected nation. Her style was lauded by admirers, and she was even highlighted in a documentary called “Black Lifestyle in Japan.” She was listed as Japan’s most well-liked female rapper.

She worked with DJ Khaled on the song “They Don’t Love You No More” shortly after her return home. & Remy issued an album called “Remy on the Rocks” in 2015. With the release of “Hands Down,” a joint song featuring Rick Ross and Yo Gotti, Remy celebrated her comeback in style the same year. She also collaborated with Snoop Dogg, The Game, David Guetta, Jay-Z, and others.

Remy was cast in the sixth season of VH1’s musical series “Love & Hip Hop,” which she was signed to in 2015. Shortly later, Fat Joe revealed that he and Remy had been working on a collaborative album for some time. “All the way up,” the album’s lead song, was released at the beginning of 2016 and featured Montana in addition to Remy and Fat. In March 2016, the album titled “Plata O Plomo” was finally released to widespread praise.

The title of the record, which translates from Spanish to English as “Money or Bullets” and was often used by the infamous Mexican druglord Pablo Escobar, caused controversy nevertheless. Remy has been working hard on her second solo album, which she hopes to release in the summer of 2017. Judging from the title, it sounds like it will be a description of her time spent incarcerated.

Individual Life of Remy Ma

Remy Ma handed herself into the New York Police Department in July 2007 in connection with a gunshot event she had witnessed. After being recognized as the gunman, she received an 8-year prison sentence, which she served for 6 years before being released in 2014. While Remy was incarcerated, she was married to Papoose in May 2008.

She has been writing continuously, and her passion for her readers won’t allow her to give up this easily, according to a 2009 letter she penned while incarcerated. She promised to start over as soon as she was released from prison.

Remy has also participated in several feuds with other rappers, the most well-known of which were with Foxy Brown and Nicki Minaj.

Net Worth of Remy Ma

Remy Ma has a USD 5 million net worth as of June 2023.