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Pyongyang, North Korea
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The First Lady of North Korea and the wife of the country’s autocrat, Kim Jong-un, is Ri Sol-Ju. Before attracting the eye of the supreme commander and dreaded tyrant Kim Jong-un, she was a singer. Since the nation is practically walled off from the rest of the world, Ri Sol-private ju’s life has been kept a secret, and there are no reliable sources that can confirm her real family history or origins. She has been referred to as “the wife and comrade of Kim Jong-un” by the North Korean official media. In the year 2012, Ri first appeared with Kim in public. After several rumors about who she really was, it was discovered in the middle of 2012 that she was, in fact, Kim’s wife. Numerous accounts assert that they wed in 2009, the year Kim Jong-Il passed away and Kim Jong-un took over as leader. Ri was allegedly pregnant with Kim Jong-child un’s in 2010, and the couple had another child in 2012. Later pictures showed Ri without the pregnancy belly, which indicated the birth of a second child.

Early Childhood & Life

Born sometime between 1985 and 1989, Ri Sol-Ju. Both her birthplace and details about her upbringing and parents are mainly unknown. The majority of information regarding the North Korean first family stays within the country’s boundaries. She completed her elementary schooling at Kumsong 2 Middle School and then continued on to the prestigious Kim Il-Sung University for her college education.

For obvious safety considerations, the majority of people assert that this isn’t her true name and is really a pseudonym used to mislead others. She has, of course, piqued the interest of the world’s media, and there are a number of rumors regarding her real identity circulating without any solid evidence to support them.

It has been suggested that she comes from a very reputable political family in the nation or a military family with ties to Kim’s family because she is married to the most powerful person in North Korea.

According to some contradictory sources, she was simply an ordinary person who also happened to be a musician. Kim was drawn to her because of her attractiveness, and after proposing to her, she reluctantly accepted because of Kim’s track record with those who don’t adhere to the demands of the supreme leader.

According to some Chinese reports, she concentrated on vocal music while studying music in China, sang in a few bars and clubs there, and then returned home to pursue a career in music. She apparently also traveled to South Korea to perform as a cheerleader at a sporting event.

Life As Kim Jong’s wife

Ri Sol-Ju has repeatedly been linked to the Onhasu Orchestra, where she purportedly sang for a few months, in her role as Kim Jong-wife. un’s She was a well-known singer who also traveled the world with her band, but there are no records of any of it because the North Korean government destroyed all of the CDs from her international performances in an effort to completely erase her past.

She was a gifted musician and one of the very few individuals in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea who had the courage to pursue their goals. After Kim Jong-Il passed away in 2009, according to the South Korean news agency Yonhap, Kim and Ri were married because North Korea’s supreme leader shouldn’t be left alone.

It is unclear if their union was scheduled or the result of love, but every time they appear in public, “they seem pleased together,” according to Yonhap. She reportedly studied for approximately six months before taking on the very important position of First Lady of North Korea, further confirming her history as a regular North Korean citizen.

Kim’s marriage first attracted the attention of the world in 2012, when she was spotted following him to numerous formal gatherings where he appeared and was photographed. After that, she was spotted at the Kim Il-Sung stadium with Kim during a soccer match that was held to commemorate his grandfather’s 103rd birthday. She was observed once more in December 2014, during a memorial service for Kim’s father’s third death anniversary.

She was once more spotted in April 2015 at a celebration honoring Kim Il-Sung, the country of North Korea’s founding father. She went with Kim Jong-un to the event and was observed wearing a wedding ring. She continues to be a subject of rumors and claims that she is the mother of two of Kim’s children have made significant worldwide headlines.

As a Motherhood

For a while in 2012, Ri Sol-Ju was said to have vanished, with some media outlets suggesting that she was murdered because she disobeyed, which evidently didn’t sit well with Kim Jong. He is suspected of killing multiple high-ranking members of the North Korean military and political establishment for petty reasons.

Additionally, it was said that the reason for her disappearance might have been pregnant. Given that she was the mother of the North Korean regime’s future heir, it made sense to keep her hidden from the public.

She miraculously reappeared at a military event in December 2012, disproving every rumor, and she even appeared to be pregnant. North Korean authorities choose to remain silent about her pregnancy rumors, but NBA player Dennis Rodman, who also happens to be Kim’s close friend and visited him in early 2013, claimed that Ri had recently given birth to a stunning daughter.

According to some sources, the birth was actually forced in order for the child to be born in 2012, which was in some way the 100th anniversary of North Korea’s founding father, Kim Il-Sung. The daughter is essentially real and has been given the name Ju-ae, according to a later article from “The Guardian,” which also validated the reports.

Life in North Korea for Her

Given the patriarchal nature of North Korean society, Kim must not have been overjoyed when his daughter was born because he would have expected a male heir to succeed him when he retires. The isolation and pressure Ri must be feeling are unmatched because women in modern North Korean society are required to refer to their husbands as “superior.”

Due to the severe guidelines established by the Kim house, Ri was forced to give up her career as a singer and, like most women, began living in obscurity in a nation that hasn’t yet opened up to the rest of the world. It has been in charge of the country for many years and has been effective in destroying its culture and economy, making North Korea one of the world’s poorest nations.

The Western and other international media are closely monitoring the events in the ruling North Korean family until definitive news about a son’s birth surfaces. Many North Koreans hope that an heir will never be born to symbolize the end of the Kim dynasty, but they aren’t that lucky, as sources indicate that Kim Jong-un is already thinking about getting married again because Ri hasn’t exactly been able to bear him an heir.

Estimated Net Worth

Ri is one of the wealthiest and most well-known political spouses. Our research of Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider revealed that Ri Sol-ju has a net worth of $5 million.