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Jacksonville, Florida
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Jacksonville, Florida

Rickey Medlocke is an American musician who is well-known as the guitarist of the southern rock band ‘Blackfoot’ and as a member of the American rock band ‘Lynyrd Skynyrd’. In 1969, he joined ‘Blackfoot’ and was connected with the band for two years as the lead guitarist. A year later, he joined Lynyrd Skynyrd. Rickey rejoined his first band, Blackfoot, in 1972 and spent the next 25 years with them establishing his legacy. Shorty Medlocke, a well-known Delta blues musician and banjo player, raised Medlocke, who was raised by a young, single mother. Rickey grew up under the watchful eye of an experienced musician, who provided him with adequate encouragement to pursue his innate passion for music. As a young lad, he taught himself to play the guitar and soon proceeded to teach himself the other instruments as well. Within a few years of joining his grandfather’s band at age eight, he established himself as a great musician in his own right.

Rickey Medlocke’s Career

Rickey Medlocke first learned to play a small banjo from his grandfather, the renowned Delta blues singer and banjo player Shorty Medlocke. He began performing on stage at the age of three. Rickey taught himself the guitar at age five and began playing drums in his grandfather’s band at age eight.

He began his career with the band ‘Blackfoot’ before joining ‘Lynyrd Skynyrd’ as a session musician and contributing to some of the band’s most popular songs, such as ‘Wino’, ‘White Dove’, ‘Comin’ Home’, ‘The Seasons’, ‘Preacher’s Daughter’, ‘Lend a Helpin’ Hand’, ‘Ain’t Too Proud to Pray,

He rejoined Blackfoot in 1972 and began traveling with them. The band recorded songs such as ‘Train, Train’ and ‘Highway Song’; the former was written by Rickey’s grandfather Shorty and the latter was co-authored by Rickey and the band’s drummer Jakson Spires. He remained a member until the late 1990s when he quit rejoining ‘Lynyrd Skynyrd’.

Gary Rossington persuaded Rickey to take on a new role upon his return to the band, and he became the main guitarist and the band’s songwriter. Throughout the years that followed, he performed with the band on several tours and frequently collaborated with other artists.

Since rejoining ‘Lynyrd Skynyrd,’ he has collaborated with bands such as Blackberry Smoke and Shooter Jennings and has also featured as a guest on different television programs. In 2005, he attended the grand finale of ‘American Idol’ and performed alongside the show’s winner, Bo Bice.

His Personal Life

Rickey Medlocke was born on February 17, 1950, in Jacksonville, Florida. His maternal grandparents raised him and his famous musician grandfather Shorty Medlocke introduced him to music. His grandfather instructed him in playing the banjo.

Later, he taught himself to play the guitar and joined his grandfather’s band on stage. He taught himself to sing on his own and finally mastered the guitar, drums, mandolin, dobro, and keyboards, among other instruments.

Following his enthusiasm for music, he founded his first band, Fresh Garbage, which was later renamed, Hammer.
Regarding his personal life, Medlocke is a highly quiet individual, and the media knows little about his dating and family life.

Estimated Net Worth

The estimated net worth of American artist Rickey Medlocke is $3 million. Rickey Medlocke was born in Jacksonville, Florida, and began his performance career at the age of three, while still in diapers, by playing the miniature banjo.

At age five, he taught himself to play the guitar, and at age eight, he began playing drums in his grandfather’s blues band.