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A well-known figure on social media, Rickey Thompson is known for his vine films that he uploads to his YouTube page. More than 2.5 million people subscribed to his Vine account thanks to his comedic speaking style and impeccable comedy timing. His YouTube account has more than 700000 subscribers. Typically, his videos are energetic, vivid, and loud. I Pooped My Pants, Would You Rather Challenge, Slang Words with Rickey, Cooking with Rickey, and Embarrassing Moments are a few of his well-known videos. He has participated in a number of well-known challenges, including the “Whisper Challenge,” “Makeup Challenge,” and “What is in my Hand,” among many others. Additionally, Rickey appeared in the web series “Foursome.” Awesomeness TV showed the web series. He has also given countless performances.

Success on YouTube

Rickey Thompson began his social media experience by posting images and videos on Instagram. On his account, he once shared his photos and videos. His fans quickly became interested in his comedic videos and asked him to upload vine videos to YouTube. In August 2013, Rickey launched his YouTube channel glad to help.

He posted a tag video as his first video, in which he responded to queries from his followers. Then he published a video of things he despises. Many people were surprised to learn that the number one thing he detested was caterpillars. Then he gave an explanation for why he detested caterpillars.

When Rickey was a young child, he unintentionally grasped a branch of a tree that was supporting a butterfly nest. Sadly, the entire nest collapsed on top of him, and he then discovered many caterpillars crawling all over him. The worst part was that some caterpillars found their way into his mouth. The encounter horrified him, which is why he despises caterpillars so much.

Due to his lactose intolerance, Rickey also despises milk and its byproducts. As a child, he experienced several humiliating situations, many of which are connected to his dislike of milk. He talked about his deep affection for Beyonce and Katy Perry in one of his videos. He adores them both so much that he wants to marry them both!

Together with his buddy Maggie Lindemann, Rickey took on the cosmetics challenge. They could be seen putting makeup on each other’s faces in the footage. They engaged in the “clothing exchange challenge” as well. Then he published a video on strange and annoying makeup trends, which he said needed to be stopped. The entire video was amusing because of his facial reactions. Rickey is a master at conveying diverse emotions in a way that is amusing to observe.

After that, he published a number of vlogs that featured his amazing vacation to Disneyland. The most challenging video for him to film was “I’m Out and I’m Proud.” He spoke about being gay in the video. He said that he is pleased to be one. Rickey is extremely well-organized and a cleanliness fanatic.

The walls of his room are covered with a sizable collection of Katy Perry and Beyonce posters that he has. He calls it his little slice of paradise. He published a different video to show off his closet. Additionally, Rickey talked to his fans about his experience having surgery and how confident he felt afterward. Rickey enjoys going to spas and salons. He was seen getting his hair dyed in one of his films. His new appearance made his supporters pleased, and they loved him.

Rickey was given the chance to star in the online series “Foursome” because of his funny on-screen persona. He portrayed the role of Dakota Green in the online series. Awesomeness TV broadcast the show. Additionally, he has performed in front of large crowds frequently, including stand-up comedy at festivals like Virtuoso Fest and Digi Fest New York.

Individual Life of Rickey Thompson

On February 6, 1996, in North Carolina, USA, Rickey Thompson was born. Karson, his younger sister, is his relative. He is currently a resident of Los Angeles.

Rickey had a lot of female acquaintances in school, but he never felt attracted to them, and that’s when he became aware of his sexual inclination. It took him several years to come to terms with the situation and open up about his sexuality.

Rickey says he could live off chicken for the rest of his life because he adores it. He bathes three times a day and enjoys taking long showers! He believes that one of the reasons he takes three daily showers is because he believes his body odor can worsen air pollution.

Rickey Thompson’s Net Worth

One of the wealthiest and most well-known YouTube stars is Rickey Thompson. Our study of Rickey Thompson’s net worth from sources like Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider indicates that it is around $1.5 million.


Rickey considers himself a “Chocolate God” and is fixated on his appearance. He uses the phrase “What’s Good” to say hello to his followers. His favorite tagline is “Swag Money,” as he thinks that having swag is a must for making money. Karson, his sister, has made an appearance in a number of his films, where they can be seen arguing frequently.