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Seattle, Washington

Ricky ‘Horror’ Olson is a member of ‘Motionless in White,’ an American metal band. In 2009, he joined the ensemble as a guitarist and backup vocalist. Following the departure of Frank Polumbo, he became the band’s regular member. When T.J. Bell left the band in 2011, he chose to switch from bass to rhythm guitar. ‘Creatures,’ the band’s debut album, was published in 2010. They’ve made a huge impression in the music scene and captured the attention of metal fans since their debut album. Ricky began traveling with his band, as well as other well-known acts such as Asking Alexandria, Black Veil Brides, and A Skylit Drive. Since then, the band has produced three more albums, all of which have been commercially and critically successful. He is still on tour with the ensemble. He is also the author of the debut short story compilation ‘Gloom,’ which was released by North Lake Press. He also frequently writes articles and blog posts, which are released on various websites. He presently resides in Northeastern Pennsylvania, where he splits his time between living with his girlfriend and touring the globe with his band.

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Ricky Horror’s Career

Ricky Horror is presently a member of the successful metal band ‘Motionless in White’. His tattoos, piercings, and eyeliner, combined with his haunting music style, made him an ideal match for this hardcore metal band. In 2009, he joined Motionless in White as a guitarist and backup singer.

The band’s debut album, ‘Creatures,’ was published in 2009. Their first album was a critical and commercial triumph. They quickly became one of the most popular heavy music acts. Olson moved from bass to rhythm guitar after T.J. Bell departed the band in 2011.

‘Infamous,’ the band’s second album, was published in 2012. Ricky began touring in the United States and Australia after the record reached the mainstream charts. The band’s third record, ‘Reincarnate,’ was released in 2014 and, like their previous albums, was a huge success. The band continued to travel, and the majority of their shows were sold out.

The band’s most recent album, ‘Graveyard Shift,’ was published in 2017 by Roadrunner Records. This was their first album released by a big label, and it quickly charted. The album opened at number 27 on the Billboard 200 chart. Ricky Horror is presently on a worldwide ‘Graveyard Shift’ tour. He is continually in contact with his fans and communicates with them via social media.

Aside from music, he is also involved in other fields. He has a novel coming out in August of this year. North Lake Press published this debut short story collection, which includes various fantasy tales with horror aspects. Along with his girlfriend Jaime Levitski, he founded the artisan business Scentiques Candle.

The business runs a candle-based store in Pennsylvania and ships internationally. He is involved on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Goodreads. His Instagram stream is filled with stunning photos that he takes every day, and he has over 184k followers.

Scandals and debates

He tried suicide on his sister’s seventeenth birthday. Following this incident, he resolved to stop drinking. He also struggled with depression and frequently wrote about it. He has since openly discussed mental illness and depression.

Ricky’s Private Affairs

Ricky Horror was born in Seattle, Washington on September 1, 1988. He presently resides in Pennsylvania because that is where his band is based. He is presently dating Jaime Levitski, and he frequently posts photos of them together on his Instagram account.

He was previously married to Jessica McCarthy before courting Levitski. Reading, photography, and interacting with his dog are among his interests. He enjoys writing as well, and his website is continuously updated with personal posts and fictional stories.

Ricky is an avid reader who is always looking for new books to peruse. Chuck Palahniuk’s ‘Fight Club,’ George Orwell’s ‘1984,’ and Stephen Chbosky’s ‘The Perks of Being a Wallflower’ are among his favorite works. He created a Goodreads account to engage with his readers.

Estimated Net Worth

Ricky is one of the wealthiest and most famous guitarists. Ricky Horror’s net wealth is $5 million, according to Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider.