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Houston, Texas
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Houston, Texas

Rapper Riff Raff is from Texas and is well known for his hit rap album “Neon Icon.” He began rapping in 2005, and because he could not afford to create his own rhythms, he rapped over the beats of other performers. Later, he took the risk of making his own mixtapes, and he steadily ascended the ladder. He eventually got a job with the rap crew Three Loco. He had worked with numerous musical companies over the years before settling on ‘Mad Decent,’ the label founded by renowned DJ and music producer Diplo. In 2014, Riff completed recording “Neon Icon,” his debut studio album. The album achieved great popularity. Soon after, he was motivated to launch his own record label, “Neon Nation Corporation,” which ultimately failed. He prepared to release “Peach Panther,” his second studio album, in June 2015. Since it was first announced, the album has had problems. It was finally published in June 2016 to lukewarm reviews and sales. Riff tried acting as well, and he had appearances in a number of series, including “Major Lazer” and “One Life to Live.”

Early Childhood & Life

On January 29, 1982, in Houston, Texas, Riff Raff was born Horst Christian Simco to a maid mother, Anita, and a war veteran, Ronald. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which is extremely common among war veterans, affected his father. He had various ailments in addition to PTSD, which added to the stress at home.

Both of his parents had to work numerous jobs because they weren’t especially financially capable and needed to make ends meet. Riff was the family’s second child, and his mother came from a German-speaking background. The Holocaust was survived by his grandma.

Riff played a variety of sports in his early years of life while growing up in a seedy area of Copperfield, Texas, including basketball. Despite enjoying rap music, he had little interest in pursuing a career in it.

One of the top basketball players in his school, he was nearly certain to pursue a career in the sport before entering high school. He had developed into a superb basketball player by the time his family relocated to Stone Creek and was a vital member of his school’s squad. However, a few fights at his school forced him to leave his senior year early, even though he still managed to graduate.

After being suspended from school, his basketball career was practically gone. Around this same time, his father was unwell, and the family had to move around a lot for his treatment. Riff looked after his father when his parents’ divorced while majoring in liberal arts at Hibbing Community College.

By the time he graduated from college, rapping had captured his entire attention. He returned to his hometown and worked odd jobs there before relocating to Los Angeles (LA) to pursue a professional music career.

Career of Riff Raff

As soon as he arrived in Los Angeles in 2005, he began rhyming and taking part in underground rap fights. He eventually began recording his raps onto CDs using the beats of well-known rappers.

Riff took full advantage of the rapidly expanding social media environment in 2008 by distributing his music on a number of platforms, including “YouTube,” “Myspace,” and “WorldStarHipHop.” D.B. da Boss joined him in his endeavors and gave him free studio space and equipment.

He also participated in other activities to get attention, such as casting calls for reality and talent competition programs. He traveled to Atlanta to take part in the second season of MTV’s “From G’s to Gents” after some how landing the opportunity. Even though he was evicted right away in the second show, he was effective in making an impression on the audience that stuck with them.

Things began to go his way in 2009 when he received a call from rapper and comedian Simon Rex. The rap group “Three Loco” was founded by Andy Milonakis, Simon, and Riff Raff. Riff took advantage of his bandmates’ success to build a respectable social media presence and fan base.

He made contact with Soulja Boy in 2011 and was given the opportunity to perform on his label, “SODMG.” Riff continued to release music videos in the meantime, and two of his singles—”Jose Canseco” and “Marc Jacobs,” in particular—immediately won over the hearts of the public.

He joined Diplo’s label, “Mad Decent,” in the middle of 2012, and under their banner, he released a number of mixtapes, including “Summer of Surf” and “Birth of an Icon,” as well as an independent album called “The Golden Alien.” His mixtapes enjoyed unparalleled levels of popularity, with “Birth of an Icon” being named Stereogum’s “Mixtape of the Week.”

Early in 2013, he declared that his first full-length record was nearly finished and will soon be published. Neon Icon, the album’s name, came out in June 2014. The album was destined to be successful because a few of the album’s singles had already achieved success. The album received positive reviews from even the most scathing music critics. Consequently, it appeared that Riff had finally made it to the mainstream rap scene.

The album was listed as one of the “27 Must-Hear Albums of 2014” by “Rolling Stone,” which was a significant accomplishment for a debut musician like Riff. The second album, “Peach Panther,” was announced nearly immediately after the success of the first.

After the second album’s first single, “Spazz Out,” was released in 2015, the record experienced some difficulties. Later, it was revealed that the record would only be able to reach the markets in 2016. In June 2016, the album was ultimately released to acclaim.

During this period, Riff collaborated with a number of different rappers. In April 2016, he announced his partnerships with “Stampede Management” and “BMG.” He envisioned starting a full-fledged production company that would offer services to actors, musicians, and filmmakers.

To launch “Neon Nation Corporation,” he raised $4,000,000 USD. All of his partners, however, turned against him as a result of the turmoil that followed. Most of it was a result of a significant problem being poorly managed.

Riff has also been highly active on the acting scene. He made a guest appearance as a scientist on one episode of “Major Lazer” in which he appeared. In November 2017, he made an appearance on the TV program “The Challenge.” Prior to that, he had a brief cameo as Jamie Franko in the movie “One Life to Live.”

Individual Life of Riff Raff

Due to his problems with alcohol and drugs, Riff Raff has been involved in a number of controversies. He was taken into custody on August 11, 2013, in North Carolina after authorities discovered alcohol and marijuana in his vehicle. He was imprisoned, but the same night he was quietly released.

Riff is well known for his love of tattoos, and one of them is a tribute to Jesus Christ, whom he follows with passionate devotion.
He is involved with Lil Debbie, another rapper.

Riff Raff’s Net Worth

American rap artist Riff Raff has a $5 million dollar fortune. Around 2015, he first rose to fame on YouTube, and since then, his social media following has greatly increased.