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The lead vocalist and bassist of the Los Angeles-based pop rock boy band “Before You Exit,” Riley McDonough, is an American singer, songwriter, and musician. Along with his two brothers Toby McDonough, who sings and plays the guitar, and Connor McDonough, who plays the bass, he is a member of the band. In addition to their self-published first EP, “A Short Story Long,” the group has so far released three other EPs: “Letting Go” in March 2011, “I Like That” in February 2013, and “All the Lights” in April 2016. With singles like “Model,” “Strangers,” and “Find Yourself,” the last of which was a collaboration with the synthpop duet “Great Good Fine Ok,” they have captured the hearts of many fans despite the fact that they have not yet produced a full-length album. A few of their more well-known songs, such as “I Like That,” “Model,” “Soldier,” “Dangerous,” “When I’m Gone,” and “Find Yourself,” had music videos as well. Riley is in charge of editing their band’s videos. He participated with his band on Cody Simpson’s “Paradise” tour, Fifth Harmony’s “Fifth Times A Charm Tour,” and the 2012 NoCapricho Festival in Brazil.

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Become a Star

Riley McDonough and his brothers Connor and Toby performed in the choir when they were kids and staged performances in their community. After performing in a talent event in the fifth grade, he realized how much he loved singing. Later, after concentrating on singing, he started penning lyrics alongside his brothers.

His older brother Connor, who they originally got to know through their church youth group, started the band “soulbinder39” in 2007 with his friends Braidon Wood and Thomas Silvers. At the mother of Braidon Wood’s suggestion, the band was later renamed “Before You Exit,” stylized as “B4UXIT,” but soon lost the stylized spelling and became known simply as “Before You Exit,” with emphasis on their later-developed motto, “Make a Difference Before You Exit.”

Riley officially became a vocalist for the group in 2008, and on August 12, 2009, the group’s debut EP, “A Short Story Long,” was released. With the EP’s popularity, the group was invited to accompany All Time Low on their “My Small Package Tour” in October and November 2010. Since then, they have experienced only growth in popularity, leading them to announce their first headlining tour, dubbed “The Next Big Thing Tour,” in October 2011. The band changed to a trio in 2012 when Riley’s younger brother Toby joined; Braidon and Thomas continued to play for their live performances.

Career in Music

As a member of the band “Before You Exit,” Riley McDonough started his musical career in August 2009 with the release of their debut EP, “A Short Story Long.” Their second EP, “Letting Go,” which was published in March 2011, came after. Since Riley’s brother Toby joined the group in 2012, they have released two further EPs: ‘I Like That’ on February 4, 2013, from Sony Music Entertainment; and ‘All the Lights’ on April 8, 2016, from RCA Records.

Following their participation in All Time Low’s “My Small Package Tour” in 2010, they supported artists like Fifth Harmony, Olly Murs, and Cody Simpson as well as pop rock bands like Allstar Weekend, Action Item, and The Vamps. Additionally, they have been the headliners of five tours to date: “The Next Big Thing Tour” in October 2011, “The Dangerous Tour” in March–May 2014, “The Europe Tour” in January–February 2015, “All the Lights Tour” in May–June 2016, and “The Asia Tour” in February–March 2017. All of these tours featured Christina Grimmie. They participated in “The 86th Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade” in 2012 after winning the Macy’s iHeart Radio competition. In 2016, they appeared as guests on the TV program “Teens Wanna Know.”

Individual Life of Riley McDonough

In Orlando, Florida, Riley McDonough was born on August 31, 1995. He is of Irish descent. He has an elder brother named Connor and a younger brother named Toby. He is the second of his parents’ three boys. He used to sing in the church choir with his brothers ever since he was a young child. He not only sings lead for the band, but he also plays bass guitar and the keyboard. John Mayer, an American singer-songwriter and musician, and Ed Sheeran, an English singer-songwriter and guitarist, are both favorites of his. He lists Maroon 5, Rascal Flatts, and John Mayer as influences and aspires to collaborate with them in the future. He is frequently contrasted with Ted from “The Lorax” movie. He does a fantastic rendition of Mickey Mouse, a well-known Disney figure.

Net Worth of Riley McDonough

The estimated net worth of Riley McDonough is around $1 million.