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New Jersey, USA

Robert Blake, who as a kid actor captivated the world with his innocence and charm before maturing into an equally great adult actor, has never been a stranger to fame and fortune. Born to vaudeville artists, he was exposed to the entertainment industry at an early age. Robert and his siblings were required to participate whenever his parents staged a performance. Consequently, he became a natural performer, confident and without stage fright. At the age of five, MGM chose him to feature in the comedy series Our Gang. With his adorable appearance and demeanor, he captivated the audience, who could not get enough of him. At home, though, it was an entirely different story. According to a later interview, his alcoholic father would beat him, lock him in closets, and sexually assault him. As a youngster, he moved away from home to pursue a career in acting because he had grown weary of the abuse. After years of struggle, he became a successful television and film actor and received multiple honors for his performances. However, his old traumas came up with him, and he was accused of killing his wife. Despite being exonerated of the allegations, he went bankrupt and destitute.

Youth and Early Life

In New Jersey, he was born to Elizabeth Cafone and Giacomo Gubitosi. Michael James Vincenzo Gubitosi was his given name, and he had two siblings.

His father formerly worked for a can manufacturer, but he and his wife eventually formed a song-and-dance performance and became vaudeville artists. Mickey, as Robert Blake was known at the time, and his siblings also participated in the performances.

The home of Gubitosi was problematic. The young youngster was subjected to physical torture and abuse. His father routinely beat him and kept him in closets for extended periods of time.
The family relocated to Los Angeles, where the three youngsters began working as extras in films.

Robert Blake’s Career

His acting career began when he was only five years old. In addition to Annabelle and Robert Young, he made his cinematic debut as Toto in the MGM picture ‘Bridal Suite’, in which he starred with Annabelle.
MGM invited him to feature in their comedy series “Our Gang,” which consisted of short topics, due to his excellent looks. From 1939 through 1944, he performed in forty of the series’ shorts and is regarded as its major actor.

In 1942, he changed his name from Mickey Gubitosi to Bobby Blake. Previously, he was known as Mickey Gubitosi.
In the 1942 comedy “Andy Hardy’s Double Life,” starring Mickey Rooney, he portrayed Tooky, a young boy who had been maimed.

In 1944, Blake began portraying “Little Beaver,” a Native American kid in the Red Ryder Western television series. Up to 1947, he appeared in a total of 23 films in the series.
In the 1946 film “Humoresque,” he portrayed the young version of the celebrated violinist Paul Boray. In 1948, he played a minor role in ‘The Treasure of the Sierra Madre’ starring Humphrey Bogart.

During the 1950s, he served in the military and was temporarily absent from the film industry. He returned to acting, starring in such films as “Town Without Pity” (1961), “Ensign Pulver” (1964), and “The Greatest Story Ever Told” (1965).

In ‘In Cold Blood,’ he had an outstanding performance as the murderer Perry Smith (1967). The fact that he resembled the actual murderer in appearance lent credibility to the film. This part was essential in establishing his status as a Hollywood character actor.

Even though he continued to feature in films throughout the 1970s, it was his appearance on the television series Baretta that contributed the most to his success. In the drama series, he portrays Anthony Baretta, a detective who is a master of disguise.

During the 1980s and 1990s, he shifted his concentration to television. He starred as a priest in the 1983 miniseries “Blood Feud” and the 1995 television series “Hell Town.”

Robert’s Major Opera

As a child, he experienced his first great hit portraying “Little Beaver” in the Red Ryder Western series. He was young, intelligent, attractive, and talented, and his performance won the hearts of the crowd.

As the protagonist of the American detective television series ‘Baretta,’ which lasted from 1975 to 1978, he rose to prominence. In the show, he portrays Detective Anthony Vincenzo “Tony” Baretta.

Awards & Achievements

His performance as Anthony Baretta in the detective television series Baretta earned him an Emmy.
In 1995, the Young Artist Foundation honored him with the Former Child Star “Lifetime Achievement” Award for his work in “Our Gang.”

Personal History and Legacy

In 1961, he married actress, Sondra Kerr. They had three children before separating in 1983.
In 1999, he had an affair with Bonnie Lee Bakley that culminated in her pregnancy, compelling Blake to marry her. However, he disliked her while adoring their newborn daughter.

In 2001, Bakley was killed while sitting in a car in front of a restaurant. In 2005, Blake was exonerated of murder charges despite being the major suspect. However, a California civil court found him responsible for her wrongful death and ordered him to pay $30 million to Bakley’s children.

He filed an appeal of the verdict. The appeals court maintained the conviction but halved the sentence. The court proceedings left him in debt, so he filed for bankruptcy.

Estimated Net Worth

American actor Robert Blake has a net worth of -$3 million. Blake became well-known as an actor for his roles in films such as “In Cold Blood.” He is also famous for his role in the television series “Baretta.”