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Entrepreneur Robert Charles Chien is of Chinese and Japanese descent. He is well-known for being the spouse of Lea Salonga, a singer and actress from the Philippines. In addition to being the president of Ambient Media, a business that offers a range of media services to the Philippine film industry, he is also the owner of a multimedia company. Chien, who is currently living in the Philippines, is hesitant to be in the spotlight and is a little camera shy. He doesn’t like to draw too much attention to himself and would rather keep a low profile. He is straightforward and soft-spoken. Chien, who has always loved painting, used to have aspirations of becoming an artist. He can sing well as well, and he frequently performs at festivals and parties. When he gets time, he enjoys cooking a lot. His passion for cooking is fueled by his love of delicious and healthful cuisine. In addition, he enjoys spending time with his friends and family and playing golf. Chien is a fitness enthusiast who puts a lot of effort into maintaining her physical health.

Career of Robert Charles Chien

Robert Charles Chien has worked in the United States for the majority of his life and has built several profitable businesses. He serves as president of Ambient Media, a multimedia business with headquarters in the Philippines that offers the film industry a range of media and entertainment services, including orchestra, audio, video, and animation solutions. Chien works for this organization as a graphic animator as well and is quite involved in all facets of corporate communication. In addition, he serves as executive producer of “RPG Metanoia,” a 3D animated adventure movie.

Connection to Lea Salonga

While working in the United States, Robert Charles Chien got to know singer and actress Lea Salonga. Chien’s cousin introduced them to one another when Salonga was working on her show, “Flower Drum Song.” On January 10, 2004, the couple wed in Los Angeles, California. As of right now, Nicole Beverly Chien, their daughter, was born in 2006.

Individual Life of Robert Charles Chien

Japanese and Chinese ancestry can be found in Robert Charles Chien. But he has lived in the United States for the majority of his life. There is no information accessible on his birthplace, date of birth, family history, etc.
At the moment, he lives and works in the Philippines with his family. Chien is a devoted parent who opposes his daughter entering the entertainment industry. He enjoys cooking for his family and playing golf when he is not at work. He enjoys playing video games with his wife, which he also loves. Chien likes to use his laptop to watch movies. He doesn’t watch television much, although he does frequently watch the news. He can sing well, and he has even given unexpected solo performances at different occasions.

Net worth of Robert Charles Chien

The estimated net worth of Robert Charles Chien is about $1 million.