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Buderim, Australia
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Buderim, Australia

Australian television artist, author, nature photographer, and wildlife enthusiast Robert Irwin is a young and rising talent. He is carrying on the legacy of his father, Australia Zoo director Steve Irwin. At the age of two, Robert’s father was killed by a sting ray. This did not stop him from pursuing his father’s career as an environmentalist, though. When he was five years old, he made a cameo appearance in “Free Willy: Escape from Pirate’s Cove” and later starred alongside his mother and sister in the television series “Steve Irwin’s Wildlife Warriors.” He publicly fed his first saltwater crocodile on his tenth birthday. He was chosen to co-host the Discovery Kids Channel television program “Wild But True” and made a cameo appearance in the British nature program “Ten Deadliest Snakes.” Robert launched his channel on Australia Zoo and started photographing wildlife. His well-known book series, “Robert Irwin: Dinosaur Hunter,” was co-created by him, and he did all the pictures himself. He has traveled the globe in pursuit of animal photographs that have moved people. To inspire the next generation of Australians to get active in wildlife protection, he formalized a collaboration between Scouts Australia and Australia Zoo.

Early Childhood & Life

Steve and Terri Irwin welcomed Robert Irwin into the world on December 1, 2003, in Buderim, Queensland, Australia. He is of Irish and English ancestry. His father was a well-known television personality and environmentalist from Australia who passed away from wounds and blood loss during a stingray assault. He was two years old at the time. Even though he has very few memories of his father, he has been inspired by him to pursue animal conservation as a hobby rather than a career.

When feeding saltwater crocodiles at a public performance, his father once stirred up controversy while holding Robert, a baby of one month, in his arms. Following the event, a regulation prohibiting kids from accessing crocodile enclosures during similar displays was passed.

Robert and his older sister Bindi were raised at the Australia Zoo in Queensland, which his grandfather Bob Irwin created. Both he and his sister received their education at home because of the area’s isolation. His father had a big impact on him, and he was exposed to nature and animals during his formative years at the Australia Zoo.

The Career of Robert Clarence Irwin

He initially fed the American alligators at the Australia Zoo in front of the public in 2012. Then, on his tenth birthday, he gave a performance in which he fed his first saltwater crocodile. He does this regularly.

When he was five years old, Robert Irwin made a cameo appearance in the fourth episode of the direct-to-home video family film “Free Willy: Escape from Pirate’s Cove.” Later, in 2013, he appeared in “Steve Irwin’s Wildlife Warriors,” a television series, alongside his mother and sister.

He was chosen to co-host the television program “Wild But True” on the Discovery Kids Channel in 2014 and 2015 as his popularity and self-assurance increased.

2015 saw Robert make a cameo in the British wildlife series “Ten Deadliest Snakes.” In the segment about Australia’s dangerous reptiles, he was seen directing host Nigel Marven as they searched for a red-bellied black snake in the billabong of the Australia Zoo.

Robert began practicing wildlife photography professionally and began taking pictures of plants and animals that were published in books and wildlife periodicals all over the world. In addition to having his own photo gallery and retail store inside the zoo, he also launched his channel there. In search of wildlife, he has been to the African savannah, the New Zealand mountains, and the majority of Australia’s bushland.

He began making appearances on Jimmy Fallon’s late-night talk show “The Tonight Show” in 2017. There, he featured a variety of animals, including an African dwarf crocodile, a screaming armadillo, a binturong, and a green aracari.

He formalized a collaboration to inspire Australia’s youth to get active in wildlife conservation by joining Scouts Australia and serving as an ambassador for the organization. In addition, he has written several publications on the preservation of animals.

Bigger Works of Robert Clarence Irwin

In 2013, he had appearances in the movies “Free Willy: Escape from Pirate’s Cove” and “Steve Irwin’s Wildlife Warriors.”
In addition, from 2014 to 2015, he served as co-host of the Discovery Kids Channel television program “Wild But True.”

In 2015, he made a cameo in the British wildlife series “Ten Deadliest Snakes.”
His well-known book series, “Robert Irwin: Dinosaur Hunter,” was co-created by him, and he did all the pictures himself.

Recognition & Achievements

For his work in “Steve Irwin’s Wildlife Warriors,” he received a nomination for the 2013 Logie Award for Most Popular New Male Talent.

In 2016, his Discovery Kids Channel program “Wild But True” received a nomination for an International Emmy Kids Award in the factual category.
He finished second in the youth division of the 2016 Australian Geographic Natural Photographer of the Year competition.

He won the Glass House Mountains Rotary Calendar Photographic Competition’s top award as well as the Wondai Regional Art Gallery’s People’s Choice Award in 2017.

Individual Life of Robert Clarence Irwin

After meeting at the Australian Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year Awards in Adelaide, there were rumors that Robert and the young wildlife photographer Tess Poyner were developing a relationship. They frequently shared Instagram photos of themselves, which led to fan speculation. Tess and his sister Bindi are strong friends who have supported their relationship. Robert, though, has vehemently denied having a romantic connection.

Robert enjoys the outdoors and spending time with animals. He enjoys mountain biking, paleontology, and photography.
The Crocodile Hunter was a nickname for his father.

Estimated Net Worth

Robert Irwin has a $3 million net worth and is a well-known television personality from Australia. In December 2003, Robert Irwin was born in Buderim, Queensland, Australia. His most notable role was as a participant in the reality TV program Crikey! In 2018, it will be the Irwins. The Discovery Kids Channel television program Wild But True was presented by Robert Irwin.