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American YouTuber Robert Jay Perez is the owner of the popular “Kubz Scouts” channel, which features video game entertainment. Perez, better known online as Jay, is well-known for his series of Yandere Simulator Myths. In addition, he is a comic who makes people laugh with his lighthearted observations. The Virginia-born YouTuber has traveled extensively. He uses his experiences to lighten the mood and make people laugh. In addition, he enjoys forming new friendships on YouTube and shows a lot of respect to each and every one of his supporters. When it comes to presenting and making video games, Perez is incredibly gifted. His videos are entertaining and really clever. The American gamer has a large following on Twitter and Instagram in addition to YouTube. In terms of personality, he is a really humorous and cool guy. When he has free time, he is a loving guy who enjoys spending it with his girlfriend.

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Ascent to Fame

Although he first began posting videos in December of 2014, Robert Jay Perez signed up for YouTube on June 16 of that same year. As he posted several video games, including Grand Theft Auto V, The Room, Misao, and The Witch’s House, his channel, Kubz Scouts, increased in popularity. Yandere Simulator, which Perez started playing in May 2015, quickly rose to prominence on his gaming channel. Akinator gameplay videos were released after this series, which eventually contributed to the channel’s continued growth.

The YouTuber went on to create his wildly popular “60 Seconds” gaming series after that. Perez began playing the game Catherine shortly afterward. Even though the game series wasn’t very successful, it did introduce him to Atlus’s video games and give him the opportunity to learn more about gaming.

Perez has been concentrating more on stealth and horror games lately. In addition, he hosts a series of games on the internet called Free Random Games, where users can access a wide variety of random games.

Speaking of Kubz Scouts’ success, in September 2016 the channel reached one million subscribers. On May 30, 2018, there were 2 million subscribers. There are currently around 2.2 million subscribers to the channel.

Backupz Account is the name of the backup account for Robert Jay Perez’s primary channel. This channel was created on August 24, 2014, and after receiving multiple community strikes, the player was eventually compelled to discontinue using the channel. -z-FOllk2FQ you can watch on YouTube

Individual Life of Robert Jay Perez

On April 28, 1990, Robert Jay Perez was born in Virginia, USA. Half of him is Filipino. Before moving to California, he spent more than ten years living in Japan. He presently resides with Nini Hebron, a fellow video gamer and lover. Kubz Scouts is a gaming channel that Hebron co-owns. She also manages Perez’s Twitch gaming feeds. December 2017 was the couple’s eighth anniversary.

On the internet, Perez goes by “THAT DUDE” as well. PewDiePie, DashieGames, Gloom, Cinemassacre, The Anime Man, and Jacksepticeye are some of his favorite YouTubers. One intriguing aspect of him is his acrophobia./watch?v=Pso3VdOpYdA on YouTube

The net worth of Robert Jay Perez

The estimated net worth of Robert Jay Perez is about $1 million.