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Robert Aaron “Rob” Latsky is a social media influencer and YouTuber from Canada. On social media, he is more well-known as Mr.Woofless and Robert Woofless. His weekly Machinima series “Passive Aggression” helped him become well-known at first, and now he’s one of the most well-known players on the platform. In February 2011, Rob created his primary YouTube channel, MrWoofless, where he uploads videos about Minecraft. He started his side channel, Woofless, in May 2014, where he posts videos about different video games. Ryan Capps, also known as McLaffyTaffy, was his companion on his primary channel at first, but they eventually broke up. Rob progressively increased his social media following and at last, attracted a devoted readership for his writing. Over time, the number of individuals seeing his films increased dramatically. He currently has more than 570 thousand members on his secondary channel and over 1.7 million on his main channel. He has an equal following on other social media sites. He has about half a million Instagram followers and over half a million Twitter followers. In addition, he has amassed hundreds of thousands of fans on his Twitch account.

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Career of Robert Latsky

To share “spoofs, montages, commentaries, dual commentaries, funny skits – all that good stuff to make you tingle where it counts,” Rob started the MrWoofless YouTube channel on February 1, 2011. The majority of the content on the channel, which he and his friend Ryan “McLaffyTaffy” Capps ran together at the time, was gameplay from the video game Call of Duty.

Rob and Ryan assembled a group of players whose goal in any given “Call of Duty” game was to defeat all of their rivals in the “Domination” game mode. The video series was called Passive Aggression (abbreviated PA). Tens of thousands of people watched each movie, and the distinctive editing techniques attracted a lot of attention.

It became more challenging to win games without killing any opponents after round-based objective matches were added to “Call of Duty: Black Ops 2,” as the scoreboard was shown at halftime to inform the opposing side that they would not be eliminated. Rob and Ryan ultimately decided to cease producing PA videos. On December 21, 2012, the series’ last episode was posted on the channel. Somehow, in late 2013, the majority of the PA films that were uploaded to the YouTube channel were taken down. The real rationale behind this kind of behavior was never given.

Ryan decided to launch a new show called “Story Time with Taffy” at the same time that PA was starting to gain traction. It gave the public an open perspective of the individual in charge of the channel’s finances. He used the series to make updates on the channel and discussed a wide range of topics, including his father, previous employment, old acquaintances, and his current circumstances. He requested viewers to suggest a topic for the next video in the comment box after each video. It was once a weekly show, but later it was used as the material for sporadic episodes on both channels.

Rob and Ryan decided to separate after some time. Since then, Ryan has created his channel, TaffysManCave. Ryan reuploaded the Story Time films on TaffysManCave after Rob erased them from all of his channels. Rob stopped creating videos in December 2013 to organize his channel’s finances.

Rob founded the SMP (Survival Multi-Player) “How to Minecraft” in cooperation with Mitch, Lachlan, Preston, and Vik, other content providers for the game. Ali-A, JeromeASF, PeteZahHutt, TheBajanCanadian, Vikkstar123HD, PrestonPlayz, Craftbattleduty xRPMx, and ChocoTheChobobo were among the YouTubers that they hosted. This series has grown to be Rob’s most well-liked creation over time.

Additionally, Rob occasionally live-streams stuff about Minecraft on Twitch and his TwitchTV partner channel, WooflessTV. His audience must pay $5 a month to gain access to several features, such as unique emoticons that may be used across the website.

Individual Life of Robert Latsky

Robert Latsky was born in Canada on June 28, 1992. His parents are Michael and Debi Latsky. Jason is the name of his sibling. He was born, and his parents separated at some point. He was a student at Westmount, Quebec’s Selwyn House School. He enrolled in a college to study finance after graduating, but he eventually dropped out to focus on his job as a YouTuber.

He is supposedly currently seeing Catherine, a staff member at the children’s hospital in Montreal, where they both reside.

Net worth of Robert Latsky

The estimated net worth of Robert Latsky is about $1 million.