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Toxteth, Liverpool
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Toxteth, Liverpool

An infamous British assassin named Robert Maudsley is thought to have killed four people. He was one of his family’s twelve children, and he was born and raised in Liverpool. His parents’ severe maltreatment of him as a child is said to be the origin of his deadly purpose. He was ultimately taken from them and placed in a foster home called “Nazareth House,” where nuns took care of him. Robert made multiple suicide attempts as a mentally disturbed and depressed adolescent before developing a heroin addiction. Robert made a lot of effort to live a normal life, but he was unable to. He started engaging in sexual activity with males for cash. In 1974, he killed his first victim—a man who had hired him to have sex with him. He was admitted to a facility for the criminally insane as punishment for this heinous murder. He then murdered a man in the hospital and was imprisoned. He killed two other inmates while inside and received a solitary confinement sentence. After that, he allegedly begged the prison guards to either kill him or give him cyanide pills on numerous occasions. Although he has demonstrated symptoms of mental stability over the past five years, his request was obviously denied, and it is quite doubtful that he would be released.

Early Childhood & Life

Robert Maudsley was born in Toxteth, Liverpool, in June 1953 into a working-class lower middle-class family. One of the family’s 12 kids, he experienced frequent physical and mental abuse at the hands of his parents. According to reports, he added that killing his parents when he was a child would have changed a lot of things for him.

His father was an aggressive, intoxicated man who frequently beat all of his children. Robert was the one who suffered the greatest beatings, which left him a child who suffered from chronic depression. He was ultimately transferred to “Nazareth House,” a nun-run foster home. But before he could stay there for too long, his father took him back to the house.

Robert would disappear for days to try to protect himself from the beatings, and when he returned, the beatings would get worse. After the neighbors objected, social service officials finally removed Robert from his parents. According to experts, Robert’s first years of torment and suffering left him permanently traumatized and planted the seeds for a very unstable and criminal life.

He moved to London in the late 1960s while he was still a youngster and worked various jobs to support himself. Because of his loneliness and unhappiness, he turned to substance abuse to distract himself from his depressing surroundings. He made multiple failed suicide attempts before giving up.

According to reports, he told the medics that he had heard voices urging him to murder his parents.
He became a sex worker due to his desperation in finding money to support his pricey drug habit. His mental state had already gotten worse by the time he was an adult, and things only got worse from there.

The First Death

When a client, a farmer called John Farrell, approached Robert Maudsley, he was 20 years old. In March 1974, they had intercourse, and as a result, they grew closer. John, according to Robert, was a child molester who took pride in his actions. He showed Robert the pictures of the children whom he had molested, and this enraged Robert.

Robert killed John by using a garrotte while he was furious. Robert was charged with manslaughter and entered a “not guilty” plea. He was committed for life to the “Broadmoor Hospital,” a facility for criminally insane people. Without getting into too much trouble, he remained there for the following three years.

Murders and Punishment

He linked up with another patient and plotted to kill another prisoner who had been charged with child sex abuse while he was a patient at the institution and while he was receiving treatment. The man was held hostage by Robert and his friend for nine hours during which time they cruelly tormented him before killing him.

Since the authorities were not pleased with this occurrence, Robert was transferred to the “Wakefield” prison, which he detested. He begged to be returned to the hospital, but that request was turned down. He was extensively observed while incarcerated, and additional security measures were taken to keep him safe.

It was a shocking afternoon in 1978 in the “Wakefield” prison. In Robert’s cell, a deceased prisoner was discovered. Other inmates also said that Robert had asked them to his cell but that they had all turned him down. Salney Darwood was killed by garroting, and Robert concealed the body under his bed.
He went out looking for his second victim the same day. Robert found him by the end of the day. Bill Roberts was involved this time. Robert cornered Bill and stabbed him multiple times with a spoon that was sharp enough to be used as a dagger. He entered the officer’s office, set the knife on the desk, and informed him that two prisoners would be absent from the roll call that day without showing any sorrow for the murder.

The anxiety among his fellow prisoners as a result of these two killings caused the security around Robert to be strengthened even more. He was removed from the institution after objections from other inmates.

Additionally, the authorities thought about placing him in solitary confinement since they believed he wasn’t suitable for a regular prison sentence.

After allegations that he had consumed the brains of his victims surfaced, he was given the nickname “Hannibal the Cannibal.” This was, however, disregarded as mere hearsay.

Living Alone and Confined

A two-cell unit was constructed in the prison’s basement in 1983. Robert would serve the remainder of his term there. His chances of being granted parole were thus lost.
The particular cell created for him was a “glass cage,” a two-room facility that is credited with serving as the model for the facility used to house the iconic cinematic character “Hannibal Lecter” in the movie “Manhunter.”

He really has a special cell. The guards provide Robert with food and drink through a small entrance at the bottom of the cage, which is accessible through a massive steel door. No prisoner or guard is permitted to speak with him.

Every day, Robert spends 23 hours confined to his room. He is escorted by six officers and has been given an hour to work out in the yard. His cell’s bulletproof glass walls allow the guards to continuously monitor his activities.

In order to end his life peacefully or to be released from solitary confinement, Robert had initially requested that the cops provide cyanide pills to him. His two pleas were turned down. After that, in 2010, he allegedly asked the cops to play board games with him to pass the time in his cell.

Robert Maudsley’s Net Worth

Robert is one of the wealthiest and most well-known criminals. Our study of Robert Maudsley’s net worth from sources like Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider indicates that it is about $1.5 million.