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Italian percussionist Roberto Zincone is best known as the ex-husband of Swedish-Canadian actress Malin Akerman. The pair wed in 2007 and divorced in 2013. He has collaborated musically with the group The Petalstones. Additionally, Zincone appeared in the motion pictures Wanderlust and Bye Bye Sally as an actor. Even if he has had some personal success in the entertainment industry, he is still better known as the ex-husband of a famous person. Zincone is a multi-talented individual who believes in pursuing his passions in a variety of professions. He is dashing, imaginative, and daring. He is forthright and never hesitates to express his opinions in public. Zincone, a single parent, makes sure to periodically spend quality time with his son even if he lives with Malin Akerman most of the time. He struggles to speak English because he is Italian, but he is continuously working to improve his skills in order to advance his career.

Career of Roberto Zincone

Roberto Zincone plays drums with his ex-wife Malin Akerman in the rock group The Petalstones. Additionally, he performs as a drummer for Kelly Fauth and the band Ashdown.

Roberto Zincone has appeared in two full-length films as an actor. He appeared in the movie “Bye Bye Sally” in 2009. He made an appearance in “Wanderlust” as a drummer three years later. Together with his ex-wife Akerman, Zincone played drums for The Elysium Band in this film.

Connection to Malin Akerman

When they were both members of the band The Petalstones in 2003, singer, actor, and model Malin Akerman and Roberto Zincone first became acquainted. Zincone could not speak English well when the couple first met, so they had to rely on a dictionary to communicate. The linguistic barrier didn’t stop them from falling in love. In 2005, Zincone proposed to Akerman with a white gold and diamond ring after they had been dating for two years. In front of their loved ones, they were married in Sorrento, Italy, two years later. Malin made the decision to have Zincone’s name inked on one of her wrists as a declaration of her love for him.

Sebastian, the couple’s first child, was born on April 16, 2013. Zincone and Malin made the decision to divorce a few months after the boy was born. Malin Akerman continued to date English actor Jack Donnelly after their divorce. Zincone is currently still unmarried. Despite the fact that his son currently lives with his ex-wife, he continues to be involved in his life and frequently visits him.

Individual Life of Roberto Zincone

Italy is where Roberto Zincone was born. He has not yet disclosed any information about his early life or upbringing. The media is also not permitted to know his educational history or anything about his parents or upbringing.

Net worth of Roberto Zincone

The estimated net worth of Roberto Zincone is about $1 million.


In the past, Roberto Zincone and his then-wife Malin had two biological children and one child through adoption.