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Robin Birrell is a German social media personality and prankster who is best known for his YouTube channel ‘robinbirrell’, in which he posts mostly videos of him playing pranks on others, especially those close to him, such as his mother, his brother YouTuber Jamie Birrell, and his girlfriend Emma Crompton, who frequently appears on his channel. The two frequently engage in Emma vs. Robin-style pranks, which keeps his viewers glued to his channel. In less than two years, he has amassed more than two million members. Some of his pranks have been shown on viral video shows such as “Right This Minute” on American television. On his second channel, ‘robinbirrellvlogs,’ he posts vlogs, exploration videos, real-life stories, question-and-answer videos, and much more. He is not particularly active on that channel, however. He is a close friend of fellow American YouTube prankster Adrian Gee.

Robin Birrell’s Achieve Stardom

Robin Birrell began his YouTube experience on October 24, 2015, when he created his channel. The following day, he uploaded his first YouTube video, titled “Tanning Prank on Brother,” including his brother Jamie Birrell, who already had a YouTube channel.

He published his second video on December 27, 2015, titled ‘Vegan Eats Meat Prank – On Girlfriend! (Goes Crazy)’, which has earned over 3.2 million views to date.

The video titled ’21 Cats in Flat Prank – Girlfriends Revenge,’ which was published on December 29, 2015, also gained more than one million views. The video titled “Dead Girlfriend Prank (Extreme!),” which was uploaded on July 28, 2017, has over 18 million views.

It is closely followed by the video titled “Killer Clown Prank on Girlfriend (Extreme!! ),” which has over 15 million views. In a video broadcast on May 1, 2016, his mother exacted vengeance on her vegan son for repeatedly playing practical jokes on her by making him a sandwich with live mealworms, which she reveals only after he takes the first bite.

Numerous viral video networks, including ‘Right This Minute,’ highlighted this amusing video. On June 17, 2016, he created a second vlogging channel titled ‘robinbirrellvlogs’ with over 481,000 subscribers.

Robin Birrell’s Personal Life

Robin Birrell was born in Germany on January 13, 1994. He attends Lancaster University in Lancaster, Lancashire, England. Jamie Birrell, his younger brother, is five years younger than he is. His sibling is likewise a YouTube celebrity.

In fact, he established his YouTube channel in October 2012, much before his older sibling. He began uploading videos in January 2014 and primarily posted prank videos, but his channel expanded more slowly than that of his older brother, Robin. The two brothers frequently appear on one another’s YouTube channels. Their mother also makes periodic appearances.

Robin Birrell’s Enjoy Life

Robin Birrell is now in a relationship with Emma Louise Crompton, an English YouTube star who is a frequent visitor on his channel and features in the majority of his videos. The couple began dating in October 2013. In July of 2017, she finished with a law degree.

Due to her participation in her boyfriend’s videos, she has amassed a substantial fan base on her social media platforms, particularly Instagram. She is vegetarian. She operates an organization called Bay Cat Rescue. Both frequently upload photographs of her kitties.

Estimated Net Worth

Robin is one of the wealthiest and most popular YouTube celebrities. According to our research, Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider, Robin Birrell has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.