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At the age of 13, Robin Packalen, a Finnish adolescent pop musician, released his first official track, “Frontside Ollie,” and it immediately went viral. His supporters refer to him as the “Justin Bieber of Finland.” His lively performances and mismatched bicolor sneakers are well-known. At the age of 10, he took first place in the Staraskaba national junior singing competition in Finland. The following year, he represented his nation at the Moscow “New Wave Junior Contest.” In Finland, sales of his debut album, “Koodi,” exceeded 100,000 and it was awarded “quintuple platinum” status. His second studio album, “Chillaa,” which debuted at the top of the “Finnish Albums Chart” within a week, came right after. “Boom Kah,” “Boombox,” “16,” and “Yhdessä” are some of his other studio albums. He gave his debut live performance in Alaharma, where his dynamic performance style captivated the crowd. In addition to being nominated for the MTV Europe Music Award for the “Best European Act,” he received the “European MTV Award” for the “Best Finnish Act.” He is one of the top 70 singers in Finland’s history and has three times been the country’s most “Googled” individual. Robin aspires to one day travel the globe and become a famous figure around the world.

Early Childhood & Life

Mika and Nina Packalen welcomed Robin Petteri Packalen into the world on August 24, 1998 in Turku, a coastal city in Finland. He is known as “Roppe” or “Robee” and is the sole kid of his parents.

Since an early age, Robin has enjoyed music, and she enjoys performing both at home and in school. When he was ten years old, he started playing the guitar and entered the Staraskaba national youth singing competition. He competed all the way to the end and won. His music career was boosted by this. He represented his nation at the “New Wave Junior Contest” in Moscow the following year. There were over 100 million viewers of the event. After receiving positive feedback for his performance, he was immediately chosen to represent Ukraine at the next “New Wave Contest,” where he wowed the crowd with his upbeat musical taste.

At the “Turku Music Institute,” he not only learned how to play the guitar but also the piano and the drums. He was also invited to play with a band led by Cuban musician Carlos Del Puerto, where he became the group’s youngest lead singer.

Career of Robin

In January 2012, Robin released his first official single, “Frontside Ollie,” which was inspired by a well-known skateboarding trick, after signing a contract with “Universal Music Finland.” The song gained a ton of online popularity right away and became an immediate hit. He quickly gained popularity after that, with some labelling him the “Justin Bieber of Finland.” Within two weeks, the song climbed to the top of the “Finnish Singles Chart” and held that position into the fourth week after its release. A documentary on his life as a 13-year-old star, ‘Robin – The Movie,’ marked his film debut at the same time.

‘Koodi,’ his debut album, was released a month later and achieved “quintuple platinum” certification in Finland after selling over 100,000 copies. The successful songs “Faija Skitsoo” and “Hiljainen Tytto” were included. The release of his second studio album, “Chillaa,” in October 2012, came shortly after that. Within a week, this album reached the top of the “Finnish Albums Chart.” By February 2013, the main track, “Puuttuva Palanen,” had approximately 3.5 million YouTube views.

In Alaharmac, he gave his first live performance. In March 2012, he then participated in a performance at “The Circus Club” in Helsinki. After that, he made multiple live performances and captivated the crowd with his upbeat performance style. He has become an expert at communicating with his fans over the years.
He released “Boom Kah,” his third studio album, in 2013. Within a week, the album received “platinum” certification and quickly became Finland’s best-selling record of the year. The album’s main track, “Erilaiset,” which peaked at number four on the “Finnish Singles Chart,” helped the album to top the charts.

With the release of his studio album “16” in 2014, along with his other record “Boombox,” Robin became a teenage sensation. Both albums enjoyed huge success and favorable reviews. The Dominican Republic’s Puerto Plata Province served as the location for filming his music video for the tune “Onnellinen.” ‘Universal Music’ issued it in February 2014.

He launched his album “Yhdessä” in 2015. He is currently regarded as one of Finland’s most talented artists and is well-known abroad. He has a sizable following on social media, where he is active.

Bigger Works of Robin

‘Koodi’ (2012), ‘Chillaa’ (2012), ‘Boom Kah’ (2013), ‘Boombox’ (2014), ’16’ (2014), and ‘Yhdessä’ (2015) are the six studio albums that Robin has released.
In addition, he published a book called “Yhdessä” as a thank-you to those who assisted him with his album of the same name. The themes in the book’s chapters are taken from his album’s songs.

Recognition & Achievements

He received the “European MTV Award” for the “Best Finnish Act” in 2012. He was also a candidate that year for the “MTV Europe Music Award” for “Best European Act.”

Individual Life of Robin

Robin aspires to one day travel the globe and become a global celebrity. He has participated in competitive sailing and swimming because he enjoys physical activity. He enjoys skateboarding and go-karting as well.
Robin has many female acquaintances and a sizable fan base, but he is not currently dating anyone in particular.

Net Worth of Robin

The estimated net worth of Robin is around $1 million.


He is rated as one of the top 70 vocalists in Finland’s history.
He enjoys donning a white T-shirt, a black leather jacket, and a pair of mismatched bicolored sneakers. He is renowned for his upbeat stage appearances using trampolines.
In 2012, 2013 and 2014, he was the most “Googled” individual in Finland.
In his song “Boom Kah,” Finnish rapper Mikael Gabriel was a featured performer.