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Russian banker and businessman Roman Avdeev. He is the chairman of ROSSIUM Concern LLC, one of Credit Bank of Moscow’s biggest clients. In terms of wealth among Russians, Forbes magazine places Roman at number 56. Roman Avdeev, one of the most well-known multi-child billionaires, has 23 children, 19 of them are adopted. Avdeev received the 2014 Banker of the Year award. Additionally, the Legend of Industry award was given to him. Later, Roman was recognized by RBC as the Best Investor. Roman Ivanovich does not appear to be a man whose mind is fully focused on making money, despite his enormous success in the economic world. He manages to find time not just for his many children but also for charity work, writing articles for Forbes and other magazines, engaging in a hobby, and reading excellent literature. Being a true humanitarian, he established the kindness organization Kindness Arithmetic («риметикa дора»). Its resources support children’s educational and other needs. He provides particular attention to residents of residential homes and orphanages. Roman Avdeev is incredibly passionate about sports. He likes to go riding and skiing, test his mountaineering prowess, frequent the gym, and take long walks on foot. Particularly, Roman Avdeyev enjoys running. He frequently participates in several marathons. He thinks that learning about other cultures is crucial for one’s own development. Roman Avdeev was up in a typical family and received his education in a typical city school, but through his own determination and hard work, he was able to enter the Moscow Power Engineering Institute and overcome every challenge in his path to success.

Early Childhood & Life

On July 17, 1967, Roman Avdeev was born in the Russian city of Odintsovo. He grew up in a modest yet incredibly close-knit family. He attended a typical city school for his education. He didn’t start getting good grades until his final years of study.

He enrolled in Moscow Power Engineering Institute after graduating from high school. Roman Ivanovich claimed that his decision was very arbitrary. He enjoyed radio electronics like many other young men in the USSR, and attending a technical institution seemed like the ideal option.
He was drafted into the army during his second academic year. Only in 1994 did he finally get his higher school diploma.

The Career of Roman Avdeev

Roman Avdeev tested his entrepreneurial skills for the first time in 1989, following the establishment of the USSR’s cooperation law and the decriminalization of individual traders’ trading activities. A cooperative store that made television decoders was established by Roman Avdeev.

From the beginning, Avdeev’s commercial career was prosperous, and the products his company provided were actively sold in Leningrad and Moscow. Additionally, Avdeev made contact with the Elektronmash facility in Ukraine, which allowed for a considerable expansion of his company.

Then he got the notion that banking should be treated as a separate industry. Roman Avdeev bought Credit Bank of Moscow in 1994 after the legalization of private businesses in 1991. More specifically, he received a documentation package, a modest office, and 14 workers. Only formally existing, the bank was not actually in operation.
Roman Ivanovich believed that it was feasible to transform a bank into a stand-alone company. Avdeev purchased it right away with money seized from an existing business. According to the rankings of the web domain, Credit Bank of Moscow is currently rated 9th in Russia in terms of net assets and 17th in Russia in terms of net profit.

A short while afterwards, Avdeev acquired the majority ownership of the sugar industry in the Lipetsk district. Additionally, he bought adjoining acreage that was perfectly suited for agricultural needs. The ‘Chernozemye’ manufacturing enterprise was established there in the 2000s. It provided around 3% of all the sugar in Russia.

Avdeev liquidated his shares by the middle of the 2000s and reinvested the proceeds in Credit Bank of Moscow.
Avdeev assumed leadership of ROSSIUM Concern LLC in 2005. He took involved in the purchase of land near Moscow three years later. Avdeev acquired 6 hectares of property with his business partner and established a building market with more than 500 sales locations.

He started building the corporation known as “Sever-Les” in the Arkhangelsk region in 2008. There were 18 enterprises involved in the timber business. The company, which had 65 million USD in yearly revenue, was subsequently sold. The funds were used for another endeavor.

Avdeev acquired a sizeable sum of money in 2008 after selling all of the shares of “Chernozemye,” which he chose to invest in Credit Bank of Moscow. It was included among the institutions with the highest assets at that time around position 70.

Avdeev founded “Domus Finance,” a real estate brokerage, in 2010. The business specializes in negotiating transactions of real estate in both the primary and secondary Moscow markets. The business employs a sizable number of highly skilled individuals. The real estate company is now working on over twenty important projects.

Avdeev established the business Ingrad in 2012. Construction of upscale residential complexes in Moscow and the surrounding areas is its primary area of expertise.

Credit Bank of Moscow saw great success in 2012. Its funding included investments made from EBRD and IFC assets. It was also listed among the top 20 domestic banks by size.

Avdeev acquired ownership of the pharmaceutical company Veropharm in 2013, but he sold it a year later.
Roman started working on ROSSIUM Concern LLC in 2015. As a result, it evolved into an investment holding that included not just banks but also organizations engaged in financing, trading in commercial real estate, and producing medicinal items.

The top 10 largest banks in the Russian Federation as of 2016 included Credit Bank of Moscow. This bank’s principal owner and one of its supervisory members is still Roman Ivanovich.

Recognition & Achievements

Roman Avdeev received the ‘Hurry to Do Good’ honorary medal in 2012. It demonstrates a significant contribution to the Constitution’s guarantee of civil rights.
Avdeev received the 2014 Banker of the Year award.
Additionally, the Legend of Industry award was given to him.
According to RBC, Roman was rated the Best Investor.

According to Forbes magazine, Roman Avdeev is ranked 56th among the wealthiest individuals in Russia.

Personal Legacy & Life

Together with his third wife, Elena, Roman Avdeev currently resides in Odintsovo, where he was born and raised.
The banker is currently one of just two billionaires with several children in the entire world. He has 23 kids in all. They were adopted, 19 of them.

According to Roman Avdeev, parents shouldn’t micromanage the younger generation. Additionally, he once acknowledged that he had no intention of leaving his possessions to his children. Avdeev asserts that every parent has a responsibility to teach their children the fundamental concepts of “what is good and what is bad.” Additionally, he believes that it is crucial to offer his children a secure foundation and the opportunity to make their own decisions in life. Children will acquire the skills they need for adult life through education.

He once wrote on his own blog that his family holds a significant position in the scale of his life values. He thinks there shouldn’t be any orphanages because every child should be raised in a family. He nevertheless continues to assist youngsters without families despite the fact that it is impossible to put it into practice.

A well-known businessman frequently supports charitable projects. ‘Kindness Arithmetic’ («риметика дора») is a fund he established to support children’s educational and other needs. The fund is actively implementing a number of projects to assist kids in fulfilling their potential, preparing them for the future, and preparing them for college.
Although Roman Avdeev enjoys sports, he has never intended for it to be his job. Due to his anger, he cannot be fervent about the same subject for an extended period of time, thus he always tries to do anything he is interested in at the time.

He enjoys running, cycling, and even more severe sports like mountain climbing and skiing. He thinks that participation in sports, which offers a priceless opportunity to confront one’s anxieties and limitations, is essential for developing a person’s character.

Because of his passion for sports, he even purchased the soccer team Torpedo («оредо»), vowing to move the team back to its original Streltsov stadium following restoration.

He is fascinated about philosophy and believes it to be very beneficial in the business world. Roman has given countless interviews where he has effortlessly cited both classical and contemporary thinkers, proving that philosophy is more than simply a pastime for him; it is his actual love.
Keeping a blog of his own, Roman Ivanovich Avdeev enjoys writing about history, philanthropy, and other interesting topics. Additionally, he contributes essays to publications and Forbes.

Estimated Net Worth of Roman Avdeev

The estimated net worth of Roman Avdeev is around $1 million.