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Lisbon, Portugal
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Lisbon, Portugal

Romell Henry, an English YouTuber of Portuguese descent, has become well-known for his comedic and prank videos on his channel, “Uncle Romell.” He is renowned for his joint videos with Jay Swingler, another well-known figure on social media. Romell and Jay publish their joint videos on a different channel called “TGFbro.” Both channels are jam-packed with hilarious and embarrassing comedy, prank, and challenge videos. The channels also have a few storytime videos in addition to that. Insane Watermelon Jelly, Reading Disturbing Fanfiction, My Tour of a $4,200,000 Mansion, Exploring 4KM Haunted Tunnel, and many other noteworthy videos may be found on Romell’s channel. The Superglue Game, Bathing in Nettles, and Winning £100,000 at McDonalds Monopoly! are just a few of the well-known videos on the channel “TGFbro.” More than 3 million people subscribe to his channel.

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YouTube’s Story

Romell was a cheeky child who enjoyed pulling practical jokes on his buddies. Jay Swingler, who was becoming well-known for his humorous videos on numerous social media platforms, was someone he befriended. They both made the decision to start a YouTube channel and upload both comedic and prank videos there.

Then they started their TGFbro channel. The Laughter Challenge was the name of the first video they posted. They both appeared to be giggling aimlessly in the video. They engaged in the well-known “lemon challenge” in one of the films, tasting various lemons. They posted a similar video again, but this time they substituted chilli for the lemon. They sampled a range of chillies, and as was to be expected, by the end of the movie, they felt uneasy.

Numerous challenge videos with both YouTubers may be seen on the channel. In one of these videos, they competed to taste lemon and vinegar without puking. Even pet food has been tasted in one of their films! Romell was tasked with singing a song to individuals in one of their most well-known challenge films, “The Make Them Move Game,” that would either make them laugh or cry. They re-issued their challenge to perform the most push-ups in a different video. They once recorded a video while intoxicated.

One of their most well-known videos, “The Superglue Game,” shows Romell sticking various items to Jay. In the “The Patience Test” task, Jay struggled to divert Romell from his phone game while Jay’s companion was playing. After that, they published a number of question-and-answer videos in which they responded to a variety of odd queries from their admirers.

On May 31, 2016, Romell started a different channel. In his debut film, dubbed “Insane Watermelon Jelly,” he created a sizable jelly ball inside the watermelon’s shell. Romell read some bizarre fanfiction in the following clip. Even one of them said Romell passed away following an automobile accident. A few days later, he received requests to upload pictures to his Instagram account from his followers. Romell went on to say that the account had been hijacked and that he would return to Instagram once the issue had been resolved.

A multi-million dollar estate served as the backdrop for a popular video series that was uploaded to the channel. In addition to posting the series on both channels, he was also shown having fun and playing games within the estate. Romell and Jay were arrested after unintentionally entering private property while participating in one of the games.

In one of his prank movies, Romell exploited his experience exploring a haunted tunnel to scare Jay and his buddies. Romell then displayed his inventiveness by converting a decrepit house into a go-kart course. The hottest curry ever produced, volcanic curry, was the next challenge he accepted. Romell also recorded a haul video featuring clothing he had bought for just one Euro. Romell later recorded a question-and-answer session with his mother in which his admirers asked her questions. The cringe-worthy and prankish questions were the best part.

Individual Life of Romell Henry

Romell Henry was born in Lisbon, Portugal, on February 8, 1995. He lived in Portugal for a while before relocating to Birmingham, England, where he is now.

Estimated net worth

He has been leading a lavish lifestyle and has acquired expensive cars; his estimated net worth is between $100,000 and $1 million.